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Jessica Simpson Is Freaked Out She's Having Twins!

Wed, November 2, 2011 5:25pm EDT by 10 Comments
Jessica Simpson Twins

Jessica Simpson Twins

Jessica’s terrified she’s going to be a bad mom!

Jessica Simpson finally announced her pregnancy in a fun way — tweeting “It’s true — I’m going to be a mummy!” with a picture of herself in a mummy costume — but now that joy has become anxiety! According to OK!, her doctor said she could be having twins! She’s so worried, she’s starting to freak out.

“That was scary for her,” a source told the magazine. “Jessica is a perfectionist and she was panicking that she wouldn’t be able to cram in everything she needs to do in time for the birth.” According to the source, she put so much effort into the nursery, she had it painted three times! “So when the doctor said she might be having twins, she had to rethink everything,” the source added.

Whether it’s twins or just one baby, the stress is starting to weigh on Jessica. “She’s totally freaking out,” an insider told the magazine. “Now that she’s so close to the finish line, fear is setting in. She’s been so excited to be a mom — it’s been like a fairy tale, but it’s becoming real and she worries she’s not ready.”

Some of her worries include whether or not she’ll be a good mom, if she’ll have postpartum depression and if she’ll lose the baby weight. But sources said her fiance Eric Johnson helps keep her in check. He encourages her to take a bath or a nap, things that will calm her down.

“Thank God for Eric,” the insider said. “The guy is a rock. He can always talk Jessica off the ledge by making a cute little joke or just by telling her what an amazing mother she’ll be. And he has really proven to Jessica that he will be a great dad!”

However, not everyone in the Simpson family is as happy with Eric as Jessica is. Her father, Joe, wants the couple to be married! But according to Us Weekly, the couple won’t likely tie the know before the baby comes. Luckily, there’s been improvement, according to OK!. “The main thing is that the family doesn’t want Eric to ever take over Jess’ business affairs,” a source said.

HollyMoms, do you think Jessica should be stressed out? Or do you think she should be calm like Eric?

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