Why Jennifer Aniston Is Terrified She Won't Be Able To Get Pregnant!

Wed, November 2, 2011 5:32pm EST by 10 Comments
Jennifer Aniston

Jen has been cutting back at the gym and gaining weight in an effort to get her body baby ready but at 42-years-old the actress is worried her dream of being a mom may never happen!

Jennifer Aniston is stressed to the max! The actress has reportedly quit smoking so that she can strengthen her chances of having a baby with her boyfriend Justin Theroux. But will she be able to get pregnant?

“For women over 40, there is more than a 15 percent chance of not being able to carry full term,” Dr. Dave. E. David tells OK!. “Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict, so it’s sort of like choking the baby off.”

Bur now that Jen is aware of her health risks, sources close to the actress say she’s already quit smoking and cut down her weekly 10 hours in the gym to just 3 hours!

“She gets self-conscious but Justin loves her new curves and tells her it’s in all the right places,” a source says. “And the big picture is, she’s getting her body ready for a baby.”

Do you think Jen will be able to have a baby?

— Chloe Melas

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Posted at 12:00 AM on December 16, 2014  

Theres a real reason why Brad Pitt called it quits. She told him that she never wanted to have children.

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Jen's Fan

Posted at 10:20 AM on December 5, 2011  

arrrgh I did not even finished reading this article. Look I’m a fan of Jen and as a fan I can tell you for sure that she’s NOT worried or terrified about this baby thing. If it is meant to be, it will be. She is HAPPY! SHE SAID THAT!

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Posted at 4:29 PM on November 4, 2011  

Why shouldn’t she worry? The old almost-granny-aged woman should be in panic mode! Instead on forcing that old angular body to have a baby that would make her look like a grandma before it’s even ten, she should just adopt and give her old body a break. Old peeps!

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Posted at 5:31 AM on December 1, 2011  

If Jen is granny aged old woman then what does it make Sandra Bullock at 47. What you just said makes me think you are not a nice person and a Jen hater. I hope she is already pregnant and that is just a smokescreen. Jen would make a really lovely hands on mum. She would be a much nicer Mum than that globe trotting bag of bones who is her nemesis.The globe trotter has so many nannies she doesn’t look after them all herself she would go nuts if she as much as tried.Jen had 2 miscarriages with her ex hubby that’s how much you know.

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Posted at 12:16 PM on December 17, 2011  

Sandra Bullock adopted, which is always an option. I don’t believe she was ever pregnant.
IVF using donor eggs is another possibility. I’m not sure she even wants to have a baby–which is another perfectly acceptable choice. People should leave her alone. It’s not like she’d be a failure if she didn’t have a child.

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Posted at 2:39 PM on November 3, 2011  

I think she´s kind old. Now she´s 42. But until she gets pregnant, and the 9 months, she´ll be 44 i think. If she had a baby, it would be an only child :(

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Posted at 11:51 PM on November 3, 2011  

Other women have had babies at 67 so why cant Jennifer have one at 42. Not so long ago I saw Sandra Bullock was pregnant at 47. I think Jen may already be pregnant and not telling until she is past the 3 months. She will make a fantastic mum and be hands on not with nannies to do all her work like her nemesis.

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Married Justin no kids

Posted at 1:19 PM on November 3, 2011  

Well she did MARRY Justin …right so the next step is to have kids!
Itmcame from the same source as Justin Beibers baby news!
Star Magazine….Jen is married so Bonnie why not saynabout that too.

Since everyone believes in tabloids… Jen said it herself she does Not
Want children and she is not pregnant nor does she plan on having
One right now! Get it

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Posted at 9:34 AM on November 3, 2011  

the face fillers maybe poison but to keeep a hollywood career Jen has to look a certain way and they don’t affect ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy. if it’s meant to happen her and Justin will have children women have had children around or over her age for decades either naturally or with help 1967 academy award nominee Katherine Ross had her only daughter Cleo Rose at age 44 September 17th 1984 or Monica Belluci had her youngest daughter Leonie at age 45 May 21st 2010.

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AGING Aniston

Posted at 7:23 AM on November 3, 2011  

Aniston should cut down on the Botox and all the other face fillers she needs. That stuff is Poison.

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