Kim Kardashian: Don't Divorce Kris Humphries — Get Counseling!

Mon, October 31, 2011 4:45pm EST by 14 Comments

Kim — your husband Kris Humphries still loves you and is willing to do whatever it takes to make your marriage work!

You owe it to him and to yourself to give your marriage a second chance. If Kris is willing to stick with you and your marriage — and he says he is — then you two should head to a marriage counselor and NOT to divorce attorneys.

“I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce,” Kris told today. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

Kim — he says he’s “committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents.” That means, he is NOT viewing his marriage as a publicity stunt nor does he see it as just fodder for one of your family’s reality shows.

He’s saying that he proposed to you and wanted to marry you because HE LOVES YOU! Just because he doesn’t want to film and have cameras following the two of you around 24/7 and he wants privacy for your marriage, doesn’t mean he wants a divorce.

He’s viewing your disagreements as just that — disagreements which he is willing to work on. It even sounds like he has spoken to Joel Johnson, the pastor who married the two of you.

We spoke exclusively to Pastor Johnson and he told that he wanted to connect with you Kim and “try to pull the reigns back and redirect this energy in a more redemptive way.”

The pastor is right and Kris has the right attitude. He wants to work at his marriage and you should too!

“They should seek marriage counseling and give it substantial time to see if their marriage could work,” says relationship expert Diana Falzone. “Obviously one or both parties wanted instant gratification bu marriages require work! Plain and simple.”

Falzone says that if it’s true that Kim threw in the towel after Kris said that he didn’t want to be filmed any more then “her priorities are sadly skewed.” Marriage is NOT a publicity stunt and needs to be held with respect.

Kim — that’s so true. You need to treat both Kris and YOUR marriage with respect. If you loved Kris on Aug. 20 when you said your wedding vows, then surely you have feelings for him still.

You need to forget about your career demands for a few minutes and think about the feelings of the man you promised to love and cherish.

Also have some respect for your own feelings. You deserve to have a private life. Not just a reality TV life.

I think it’s extremely commendable that Kris isn’t furious or standing on pride right now. No, he is acting maturely and standing up for the marriage that he committed to. It shows he has qualities that you, Kim, should want in a husband!

You owe it to Kris and yourself to get good counseling and see if you can make your marriage work!

— Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 8:51 AM on November 2, 2011  

If Kris is willing to give it a chance than Kim should too 72 days is too short to make such a big decission. The wedding photos show that they are in love. If she loves him and he loves her what is the problem?

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Posted at 7:06 AM on November 2, 2011  

They need to seek professional help, if that does not sucseed then split, but they should try at least they weren’t completly bad together

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Posted at 7:03 AM on November 2, 2011  

They should seek help Kris and Kim could be really good together. and if they do seek help dont seek it from her family they are also leeching of Kim’s fame. Marriage takes time, compromise and love after all she wouldnt have married him would she?

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Posted at 7:00 AM on November 2, 2011  

As a Huge fan of Kim K i do believe they should give it another try as its only been 72 days of marriage, it could have just been teething problems, there was no need to split. if it was 2 years at least then we could undertand it wasnt working but they were and still are good together Kim knows that! why else would she have married him for. i think that her family were pushing and tearing them apart because they are more bothered about Kims fortune rather than her heart. just because they can not stand Kris Kim still loves him she is just confused get back together KRIS AND KIM you are perfect and FYI it wasnt a publicity stunt even Kim isnt that dumb and her family would have seriously warned her about the implications to this.

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Posted at 1:53 PM on November 1, 2011  

I completely agree with you Bonnie! Thanks for posting a blog that makes sense and isnt superficial or negative to one or another party. Its the honest truth, marriage is work, not a cake walk and they should seek help and give it time. No one is perfect. They should use GIULIANA & BILL as an example. They’ve been through many troubles including fights about where to live but they stuck it out, talked and compromised which is the correct thing to do.

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mimi tholsted

Posted at 1:21 PM on November 1, 2011  

What he said to Kim about moving to Minnesota and be pregnant and that she would be forgotten – made me very upset too, who is that giant man to talk like this?……From the beginning I could not see those 2 people together, not a good fit……much to different ….and to marry into to Khardasian sisters and the mother Kris uhuh it is NOT an easy thing …….I wonder about Kloe and Lamar, he is still falling for Kloes baby-voice, well we will see there too,…..????

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angry reader

Posted at 9:08 PM on October 31, 2011  

You’ve been duped by an obvious hoax. President Obama is right not endorsing this TV show for his daughters.

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Posted at 8:47 PM on October 31, 2011  

Kris didn’t approve of doing porn movies..thats the real reason

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Posted at 8:44 PM on October 31, 2011  

I don’t feel sorry for either of them, it was a sham wedding and they are laughing all the way to the bank. I think they are pulling the plug now because they weren’t bankable being married, E didn’t offer them a spin off.

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Eliza from Florida

Posted at 7:14 PM on October 31, 2011  

Kim, I have observed in the past that when you get upset it takes time for you to cool off and think it through. OK, He hurt your feelings, said the wrong thing, but he is a man. They do that. He is learning to grow up in your world of reality. Marriage takes work. Alot of dumb thimgs will be said. Be mad, talk it out. Get counseling. I don’t believe you will find any man that will be perfect. It takes time to really know each other. You will always have differences. Every marriage has issues to work out. Take some time to decide your life. Not just a couple of days. He loves you and you love him. All the stuff will work itself out, but you both have to work on it. Kim, your life is not normal. You can’t expect that this big gorgeous dumb man in your life to get it right the first part of your lives together. Kris, remember that you two are still young. The show won’t be here forever. Give it time. You are at the prime of your lives. You have the rest of your lives to make changes like moving. Can you really expect to just up and move away? That is not who she is. Let her do her thing for now. One day a little baby will change both of your priorities. Noone said marriage is easy, but it can be wonderful. Remember at the end of the day you have each other. Isn’t it all that matters? Just saying, make it work. From someone who ran and never got it back. I was an it girl. Did’nt stick it out. Now 58 and live alone.

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Posted at 6:11 PM on October 31, 2011  

Yes I really do not understand it why would you marry someone you really did not know in the first place. I say it was all for show and the meant nothing to each other to begin with. People with money are go GULLIBLE

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Posted at 5:30 PM on October 31, 2011  

They should have not gotten married in the first place. They did not look in love at all.

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Posted at 5:26 PM on October 31, 2011  

People without $$ oozing out of their pores don’t get counselling. They get reality shows!

The fact that she blindsided him says a lot. And I feel sad for him…he doesn’t seem to realize what he’s gotten involved in.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Kris can have multiple marriages, then all her kids can too. Its the law of divorce!

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Posted at 5:20 PM on October 31, 2011  

Something major must have happened… Between her not wanting to move to Minn. to what he said to her on her new show.. saying that she’ll be forgotten in a few yrs.. I dont know but that even offended me! She can prob milk this fame another 4 yrs at least… he wanted her to give it up. She said time again.. she wanted a guy who can deal with her life. Men just cant take women who make money. Good for her. Hes gross anyway.

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