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'The Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie Lets Her Dark Side Out! Is It Here To Stay?

Fri, October 28, 2011 12:12am EDT by Andy Swift 5 Comments
secret circle 1x07

Plus, Adam tries to win Diana back! Do you think she should give him a second chance?

If the Oct. 27 episode of The Secret Circle taught me anything, it’s this: Never underestimate the power of a pretty blonde girl in a slutty bumblebee costume! When Luke (Zachary Abel) kidnapped the witches and tried to kill them, Cassie (Britt Robertson) tapped into her dark magic and lit the dude on fire. And as he went down in a blaze of glory, my love for Cassie Blake grew ten-fold. That girl is awesome.

But Cassie’s hardly the only Chance Harbor resident with a dark side. We got a more in-depth look at what Jake (Chris Zylka) is all about, and aside from his tastefully low-cut v-necks, I’m not a fan of his one bit. Besides the fact that he almost got the entire circle killed, I hate the way he plays with Faye’s (Phoebe Tonkin) emotions to get what he wants. He knows she’s still into him, so he used her to get up to Cassie’s bedroom to steal her necklace for his spell. Why are the pretty ones always such d-bags?

And speaking of emotions being played with, Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) had a pretty emotional scene that was a long time coming. After a few awkward chats throughout the episode, Adam finally buckled down and practically begged her to take him back. “You are my home, Diana,” he said. “I can’t lose everything I have all at once.” While that sentence would be enough to melt the friggin Grinch’s heart, Diana wasn’t exactly swayed by his words. Too bad, I’m really rooting for those two.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I just don’t get the supposed chemistry between Adam and Cassie. I know they’re “fated” and “destined” and whatever, but just because something is supposed to happen, that doesn’t mean it should. “I don’t know what’s between you and me,” Adam told Cassie tonight — and honestly, neither do I!

The episode ended with Cassie receiving a mysterious package, and poor Jane (Ashley Crow) getting knocked unconscious up at Henry’s cabin. We didn’t see who did it, but judging by those shoes, I think it’s safe to say her attacker’s name rhymes with Shmarles Shmeade.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Should Diana stop being crazy and take Adam back? And should we be worried about Cassie’s dark side? Hit up the comments section with your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

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