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'X Factor' Recap: The Top 12 Are Revealed!

Wed, October 26, 2011 3:14am EDT by 5 Comments
X Factor Top 12

During one of the most entertaining two and a half hour long episodes I’ve EVER seen, the top 12 singers were revealed on ‘The X Factor’ Oct. 25 — and the judges did an incredible job picking (for the most part)!

When I first saw FOX expected us to sit through a two and a half hour performance on The X Factor Oct. 25, I thought they were off their rocker and I didn’t think I was going to make it. However, they certainly proved me wrong. Nearly each and every one of the two minute long performances was entertaining. In fact, there were only a few I couldn’t stand and for the most part, those people didn’t make it through to another round. Who were YOUR favorites tonight?

Here’s the recap…

The boys:

Brian “Astro” Bradley: Astro is commercial in all the best ways. This 14-year-old rapper is refined, clean and adorable. I can see him collaborating with Sean Kingston or Justin Bieber…or even performing on The Disney Channel. He was the perfect way to start the show and get the audience going crazy. I’m sold on him. As Astro would say, “Dope.”

Chris Rene: Chris Rene, the recovering addict, was off to a rough start tonight. His voice sounded strained and weak. Part of that was his natural tone, but I think he could have performed a much better song for his style. “I don’t think you’re the best singer in this competition, but I think you’re one of the best recording artists in the competition,” Simon Cowell said. “What I love about you is that you’re 100% authentic.”

Phillip Lomax: Our token jazz crooner chose to sing (was assigned?) Smash Mouth’s hit “I’m A Believer” and I thought out of all the songs I’ve heard him sing, it was completely wrong for his register. At times it was too low, at times too high…I wasn’t sold on the song, but I LOVE Phillip. He’s unique and adorable. “That song was too cheap, too cabaret. And L.A. [your mentor] did you wrong,” Simon said. And he was right.

Marcus Canty: Marcus sounded fantastic singing “Do You Really Want To Hurt.” Out of the three singers, he definitely has the best voice. Plus, he moves so well…he’s a flawless performer.

The verdict:

Astro, Marcus and Chris made it through, but Phillip was cut. I think L.A. chose miserably; he should have cut Chris.

The groups

The Stereo Hogzz: The Stereo Hogzz’s modern day rendition of “Try a Little Tenderness” was absolutely brilliant. Paula Abdul did an incredible job refining this group. “I’m trying to say something but my mouth won’t say it…” Simon said. “Paula…you did a really. Good. Job.” Agreed.

The Brewer Boys: I always thought the Brewer Boys were cute, but I never would have sent them through to the live shows — and tonight they proved me right. They’re just too “aw, shucks” and young compared to the rest of the competition. Intensity and Astro are in their age categories, but they seem edgier and current. “This, to me, didn’t shine like it should have done,” Simon said. Give them the hook.

Intensity: Intensity is my new obsession. They are all rockstars and together have created an unstoppable group. Their energy can’t be beat and you can tell they are all seasoned veterans on stage. I wasn’t thrilled with “Footloose” for some of their ranges (it felt too low for the girls), but overall — AH-MAZ-ING.

Lakota Rayne: It was so smart of Paula to put these four girls on stools, singing a pseudo-ballad. My biggest complaint about them is how awkward a few of them are when they move. That said, their vocals are beautiful and they seem like a new-age Dixie Chicks. I’d keep them around. “This is better than I could have thought,” Simon raved.

The verdict:

The Stereo Hogzz, Lakota Rayne and Intensity made it, but The Brewer Boys were cut. Good choice, Paula. 

The Over 30s:

Dexter Haygood: I practically lost sleep when Nicole put Dexter through to the live shows. Out of everyone in the competition, I thought he should have gotten cut before boot camp even started — and after his energetic, back up dancer-filled rendition of “I Kissed A Girl,” I still feel the same way. He doesn’t really sing and it drives me nuts. Make him stop.

Leroy Bell: Whatever fountain of youth Leroy is drinking from is working. There’s no way that guy is 60 years old. He looks, sounds and acts like he’s 40, if that. I think his talent speaks for itself. There’s no question in my mind he should get through to another week. “I don’t get why you’re not a big star already,” L.A. said. “You have everything.”

Stacey Francis: Overall, I’m not crazy about Nicole as a judge, but she did do a nice job cleaning up Stacey. Stacey looked 10 years younger than when she first auditioned.

Josh Krajcik: Out of everyone in this category, Josh is by far the most talented. He’s centered and powerful. It’s incredible. “You’re one of the greatest singers in this competition,” L.A. said. “Josh, you are the artist I fear because you have it all going on,” Simon raved.

The predict:

Stacey, Josh and Leroy made it through, but Dexter didn’t (THANK GOODNESS!).

The Girls:

Simone Battle: Simon is really pushing Simone as a pop star and even though she has the looks, I’m not sure she has the talent to back it all up. I was underwhelmed by her performance tonight. “I never understood why you put her through and now this,” L.A. complained.

Rachel Crow: I love what Simon did with Rachel’s look. However, she has such an incredible voice, I’m not sure why he tried to force the young thing on her with the ’50s – Justin Bieber medley. I wasn’t thrilled with the song choice, but there’s no denying that little girl can wail.

Drew: Thank goodness they dropped Drew’s last name! I couldn’t spell it to save my life. Besides, now she’s like “Jewel.” Anyway, Drew reminds me of a Sarah Mclachlan-type: I love songs by her, but I wouldn’t want to listen to an entire album.

Tia Tolliver: My, my…Simon is into theatrics. Despite all the cool props, backup dancers and special effects, I thought Tiah’s rendition of “Sweet Dreams” was like a trip through hell. It was too minor, too serious and not substantiated with a strong voice. Maybe it was my TV, but she sounded off pitch the entire time. The other three judges agreed with me. “You are like two spiteful little cats who won’t recognize she’s got potential,” Simon said to Nicole and Paula. I think he was out of line and irrational.

Melanie Amaro: Melanie is the best singer in the competition. Much like Josh, she’s grounded and effortless — a powerhouse. Also, her makeover was INCREDIBLE; she looked stunning. I could watch her all day. “They saved the best for last because honey, you were unbelievable,” L.A. said.

The verdict:

Drew, Rachel and Melanie made it through. Tiah and Simone were cut…Simon finally made a good choice!

What did you think of the judges’ decisions? Was there anyone you thought should have made the cut who didn’t? Sound off below!


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