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'Paranormal Activity 3' Review — The Scariest Movie Of The Year!

Fri, October 21, 2011 4:14pm EDT by William Earl 6 Comments
'Paranormal Activity 3' Review
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Don’t worry — the third installment of this epic series is just as terrifying as the others!

Paranormal Activity 3 carries on the tradition of the series by offering slow-burning scares in a found footage setting. This prequel portrays the main sisters as young girls, but to tell you anything more would ruin the fun. While this review won’t contain any spoilers, I will share five FANTASTIC reasons you need to go see this super-scary movie with someone brave!

1) The scares pay homage to the first installments while adding thrilling new elements!

The ghosts act according to the blueprint set in the first movies, but they have a whole new bag of tricks.

2) The movie deepens the story of how this haunted family came to be!

A wild left turn in the movie’s last third makes viewers question everything that’s come before, which makes for a totally unique viewing experience.

3) It’s got quirky directors behind the camera!

Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost are the guys behind the challenging faux-ish documentary Catfish, which was one of the most interesting films of the last few years. It was a risk to put them in charge of this scary fare, but it worked quite well.

4) The actors are compelling!

Although all of the leads are relative unknowns, their rawness only adds to the authentic feel of the film.

5) It’s scary. It’s Halloween. You do the math!

Do yourself a favor and go see a midnight showing. Trust me — this is a movie that’s great to check out in a group of friends so you can all jump and scream together!

— William Earl

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