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6 Things You Never Knew About WWE Superstar Zack Ryder!

Thu, October 20, 2011 3:07pm EDT by Russ Weakland 8 Comments chatted with our new Broski Zack Ryder! And now we have learned SIX new things about the WWE Superstar who is on a meteoric rise! Woo Woo You Know It!

Zack Ryder has skyrocketed in the WWE Universe ever since he started hosting his exceptionally popular weekly web show, Z! True Long Island Story! The life long fan of wrestling can be seen both on WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw and WWE Smackdown where along with wrestling he is the New Assistant General Manager.

And to cap it all off, he will have a United States Championship Title match at WWE Vengeance PPV this Sunday Oct. 23 against his arch rival Dolph Ziggler! caught up with Zack to talk about Halloween, his dream matches, his favorite Hollywood hottie and much much more. Read on to learn SIX things you never knew about Zack Ryder!

1. Would Zack Ryder ever want to appear in a WWE film and who would be his leading lady?

“I would definitely love to be in a movie, I definitely can see myself being in something like a remake of The Mighty Ducks! I could be the new coach Bombay, something like that! As for a leading lady, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, I think Tiffani Amber Thiessen, lets bring her back! She needs to come back, I’ll help her out! I’ll help her out for sure.”

2. What will Zack Ryder be on Halloween and what will kids get if they dress up as Zack Ryder and knock on his door on Halloween?

“I was going to be Zack Ryder but I figured there will be enough people doing that, so I am going to be a Ghostbuster this year! But be warned, the typical kids that are just a ghost or a police man, they’ll just get some candy. Anyone that dresses up as Zack Ryder will get signed 8 x 10, personalized!”

3. What would Zack Ryder’s dream match be?

“I would love to wrestle John Cena at WrestleMania because he is the top guy and to be against the top guy there is nothing bigger then that, being in a main event at WrestleMania is the highest you can get in this business!”

4. What celebrity would Zack Ryder like to get in the ring with?

“I would love to get in the ring against that Jersey Shore poser wannabe, The Situation. That guy is a joke! People always compare us and insult me when they do, he is pathetic and he is a joke and I would love to get in the ring and fist pump his face! There is money in that match, so Situation if you are out there, call me!”

5. What will Zack Ryder do if he wins the United States title this weekend?

“If I were to win the title, first I would cry, then I would call my parents and then maybe I would rename it the Long Island Championship!”

6. What has his YouTube hit show, Z! True Long Island Story done for his career and what should we look forward to in future episodes?

“I think the show definitely saved my career, it gave the fans of the WWE Universe a chance to realize who I really am, and they realized that I am just like them, I’m a big kid. I have been a WWE fan my entire life, and that is all I am, I am a kid living the dream, and I think that they can relate to that and they can see that this guy will do anything to make it, and now its starting to pay off.

“As for next weeks episode, the Halloween episode will be a Ghostbusters themed episode, like I said that is what I will be for Halloween. I got my trap and I got everything ready, got my PKE meter and I think it will be a pretty fun episode, it might take hours to edit but I’ll figure it out!”

So HollywoodLifers, Like Zack Ryder on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and take care, spike your hair! Woo Woo You Know It….Bro!

Russ Weakland

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