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'Revenge' Recap: A Murder In The Hamptons! Is Emily's Plan Failing?

Thu, October 20, 2011 12:02am EDT by Andy Swift 6 Comments
revenge 1x05

Aside from the absence of everyone’s favorite wonder dog, Sammy, this was the best episode yet!

Something weird happened on the Oct. 19 episode of Revenge: Someone else did Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) work for her! That husband-stealing skank weasel Lydia (Amber Valletta) returned to the Hamptons and demanded her house back, but before Emily even got a chance to whip out her Sharpie of Death for a little circling action, Lydia was murdered by Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) goon. And it wasn’t even one of those borderline beautiful TV deaths; he dropped her on a friggin car!

Of course, Lydia dealt her fair share of damage before meeting her untimely — yet impeccably dressed — end. She discovered an old photo of Emily at a charity event from 2003, where she was “working” as a waitress to spy on the Graysons’ company. She also planned to expose the Graysons’ involvement in the terrorist funding. But fortunately for Emily and Victoria, she never got the chance to do either of those things.

And Emily’s love life is about to take a turn for the awkward. Though she and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) finally made sweet nasty love, her Knight in Shining Lacoste also got cut off from his daddy, leading him to ask Jack (Nick Wechsler) for a job at the bar. Because that’s exactly what Emily needs — Jack and Daniel spending more time together.

A few very important things of note:

  • We finally got to see what a Victoria Grayson slap looks like — sorry, Conrad — and to be honest, I was a little disappointed. Maybe I need to rewind and watch it again, but I’m pretty sure I got the idea after seven times.
  • Emily getting down to business with Daniel, wearing nothing but her diamonds, may have been the classiest way I’ve ever seen two people have sex on TV.
  • Victoria’s speech to Lydia was soap opera gold: “When you feel the warmth from my hug, that’s my hatred burning inside of you,” which she naturally followed up with a hatred-filled hug. God, I love her.
  • Lydia kind of had to die. She was giving Victoria and Emily a serious run for their money in the “bitchy faces” department, and the Hamptons simply is not big enough to support them all.


And now, for the question that must be asked every week…

— Andy Swift

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