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Lindsay Lohan Is Treating Breaking The Law Like a Joke!

Wed, October 19, 2011 6:46pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 2 Comments
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Lindsay, it’s time to wise up and grow up. You are not starring in a ‘reality-style’ filmed drama. You are ruining your real life!

Lindsay Lohanyou think you’re a hard-done by heroine in a real life soap opera and that the world cares and is rooting for you. However, in actuality, you have completely lost touch with reality.

A white Fendi dress, platinum hair, newly sparkling teeth and a gold Chanel bag do not make you innocent of a long string of charges.

Dressing like you’re a pure and modern Snow White doesn’t fool anyone into thinking that you faced off against evil judge Stephanie Sautner.

No — it just shows that you are mocking the law AGAIN . You were convited of a DUI and you have broken the term of your probation repeatedly, especially by treating your court appearances like fashion shows.

You’ve worn out the patience of the criminal justice system and the Hollywood power houses that could employ you. And it’s all your own fault!

Do you really want to be locked up for a full year and a half in prison? Or is that what it takes for you to finally realize that you need to save your own life and career and only you can do it?

Now watch Hollywoodlifer Chloe Melas and I debate whether you, Lindsay, can ever return to reality!

— Bonnie Fuller

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