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'The Lying Game' Fall Finale: Is Sutton Really Dead?

Tue, October 18, 2011 6:41pm EDT by Andy Swift 57 Comments

Join me in analyzing last night’s game-changing fall finale.

The Oct. 17 fall finale of ABC Family’s The Lying Game was an hour of twists and turns — but no turn was as intense as when Sutton (Alexandra Chando) literally turned her car towards a lake and drove right into the water! Yes, everyone’s favorite evil twin was left gasping for her life, leaving fans with one very big question: Is Sutton really dead?

My knee-jerk assumption is “No, of course they wouldn’t kill off one half of the show’s still-developing story line.” But after giving it some thought — and doing a little bit of “research” — I’ve stumbled on two reasons why it’s totally possible that we’ve seen the last of Sutton:

First of all, now that Annie is back in Phoenix, the twins’ season-long search is over. So there’s really nothing left for them to do together. Besides, if Sutton lived and exposed Emma’s identity, the lying would pretty much come to a halt. And, honestly, this show isn’t called The Truth-telling Game!

But the main reason I wouldn’t be shocked if Sutton died is that [SPOILER ALERT] Sutton gets murdered in the Lying Game book series! In fact, Sutton is killed in the first book, leaving her ghost to narrate Emma’s hunt for her sister’s killer for the remainder of the series.

But what do YOU think? Is Sutton really dead, or will she survive her little detour into the deep?

— Andy Swift

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