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A Family Grows In Brooklyn And Looks Back At What It Takes!

Tue, October 18, 2011 3:33pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment

HollyBaby bloggers Sarah and Neil take a look at their pregnancy and break it down by the numbers.

You always see people with t-shirts that say 26.2 or 13.1 like running a marathon or half marathon is some kind of triumph. Sorry to be rude, but even if you walked the entire time, you could be done in a day. So I thought, ‘I would proudly boast MY numbers that have accumulated in the 7 months it has taken me to get this far.’

14- Number of times I threw up in my first trimester
9- Number of times I screamed watching the birth video
2- Number of times I watched the birthing video, I had to see it again!
4- Number of maternity books I bought, this is NOT the same number of how many I actually read.
8- Number of friends who are also pregnant (There is seriously something in the water!)
16- Current amount of baby names on our “short list”
630- Number of elbows and/or knees I have had jab me from the inside
7- Number of times I rolled my eyes in disgust only because I was jealous of girls still in skinny jeans
29- Number of onesies currently in the nursery
25- Number of hours spent re-finishing our crib
32- Number of consumer reports I read on baby products
31- Number of baby items I bought despite consumer reports but they were just SO CUTE!
84- Number of nights I have not slept through the night. I had NO idea how much Neil snored.
3 – Number of Baby Showers
1- Little Man who will be here soon!

The big countdown is on, 81 days until the lad appears, if all goes according to schedule, which it doubtless won’t . Here’s “my pregnancy” by the numbers so far:

14-Number of elbows in the ribs because I was snoring
4-Number of times I switched sides of the beds to keep bruising even
3-Number of nights slept on the couch
55-Number of conversations about baby names
2-Number of conversations that actually ended in some sort of agreement
0-Number of baby names actually decided on (but we do have a shortlist)
5-Number of conversations on circumcision
6-Number of heated debates on circumcision
7-Number of all-out arguments on circumcision
1-Number of times the argument happened in a nice restaurant within earshot of other diners – just the one was enough
14-Number of days we’ve spent cramming in things we don’t think we’ll be able to do with a baby in tow
10-Number of times other parents have told us how to do those same things with a baby in tow
4-Number of times spent figuring out how to attach a car seat to a golf buggy
20-Number of weekend days spent decorating the nursery
2-Number of days it looks like we’ve spent working on it
5-Number of sleepless nights anticipated before baby is born
500-Number of sleepless nights anticipated after the baby is born

Sarah Main & Neil Eggleton

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