'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon Promises Elena, 'I Will Never Leave You Again!' (Swoon.)

Fri, October 14, 2011 12:01am EST by 19 Comments

But that long-awaited ‘Delena’ scene was just one of the things that made this week’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ the best episode of the season.

When Michael Trevino tweeted that the Oct. 13 episode of The Vampire Diaries was going to be a “game-changer,” he wasn’t exaggerating — least of all for his own character, Tyler, who I’m pretty sure is now a hybrid. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) turned Mystic Falls High upside down this week in an intense hour that found Stefan (Paul Wesley) fighting compulsion, Matt (Zach Roerig) seeing ghosts, and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) opening up about his feelings for Elena (Nina Dobrev) — yet again.

So, yes, you read that first sentence correctly: I’m pretty sure Tyler is now a hybrid. Klaus forced him to nom on some of his blood before giving him the old neck-snap routine, and when Tyler awoke, he had the same crazy-colored eyes that Simon Camden had when Klaus turned him a few weeks ago. Klaus also made the shocking discovery that he didn’t need to kill Elena in order to reverse the hybrid curse. He only needed her blood! This is sort of good news for Elena, as she at least got to live to see another day.

Desperate to make contact with Vicki (Kayla Ewell), Matt thought it’d be a great idea to literally drown himself in the school swimming pool, forcing Bonnie (Kat Graham) to revive him — this time with CPR, instead of magic — and grant him a connection to the spirit world. Somehow it worked, though I stand by my statement that Matt should no longer be able to make his own decisions. Ever again.

Also chatting it up with ghosts this week was Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), who Katherine kidnapped — Andy was right! — in order to have him ask Anna (Malese Jow) about the one vampire capable of killing Klaus. Turns out his name is Michael, and he’s Bad News Bears. According to Anna, bringing him back to “life” is a suicide mission, but that didn’t stop Katherine and Jeremy from waking him up at the very end of the episode.

(Side note: Can we talk about how weird it was to see Katherine and Jeremy having a non-threatening interaction? I’m beginning to ship “Jatherine” in my head and it’s freaking me out. She may not be his sister, but she’s basically Elena’s twin. Gross.)

OK, now let’s get to what we all really want to talk about: The epic, albeit brief, scene between Damon and Elena back at the Salvatore mansion. After carrying her home from the hospital — Superman-style, I might add — Damon sat Elena down for a cozy chat by the fireside. He looked at her with those absurdly blue eyes and said, “I promise you I will never leave you again.” She got misty, I got misty; it was an emotional evening all around.

That’s when Stefan showed up and spoiled everybody’s fun. Not only is he sticking around Mystic Falls, but he wanted Elena to know he’s now her special protector, keeping her safe — for Klaus’ return.

It’s freaky how the Salvatore brothers have literally swapped roles this season: Damon is now the sensitive, attentive guy that Elena needs; while Stefan is the reckless, binge-drinking guy that Elena fears.

— Andy Swift

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Lexie Mackmin

Posted at 8:05 PM on April 11, 2012  

OMG so cute

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Candidoza Dieta

Posted at 11:17 AM on April 2, 2012  

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Posted at 1:40 PM on March 11, 2012  

I want to see Elena and stefen together

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Natasha McQueen

Posted at 6:31 AM on October 20, 2011  

Aww. I cried and I’m only at episode 6 of season 2. It’s seem I can’t watch it any where. :(

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Posted at 5:24 AM on January 6, 2012  

It’s on Netflix!

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Posted at 8:28 PM on October 15, 2011  

I think I was watching a different show — sorely disappointed in this episode. Admittedly, sometimes, I have trouble following the storyline of this show. But, that being said, just when I made peace with all the oddities that “must” have occurred over the summer in Mystic Falls and were resolved in the first couple episodes, now . . . I have no idea how Klaus found out Elena was alive. . . he was going to torture Stefan[?] and test his loyalty b/c Rebecca said so. . .then, . . .I have Stefan feeding on Elena and “not” being able to stop, then Elena in a hospital with compelled nurse Jackie taking care of her. How did we get there? Matt deciding to commit suicide b/c he knew that Bonnie would save him and that Vicki would appear to him and give him the answers [to Jeopardy]. Huh? Plus, too many people in this town know about the vampires. . . Sheriff Forbes, Mrs. Mayor Lockwood, Caroline’s dad — part of the fun is having people who don’t know about the supernatural living amongst them. I used to love Elena – she’s really getting on my nerves as the typical horror flick chick who does the dumbest things who you want to kick in the pants. Oh well, Ringer is on Tuesdays.

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Posted at 12:38 AM on October 15, 2011  

Don’t worry Andy. In certain lights Damon eyes look green and sometimes actually grey but eye color is actually blue.
Anyway great episode. Klaus being evil, Stefan is compelled.
Damon/Elena scene was sweet.
Tyler has a bulls eye on his back as a hybird. Good luck with that.
Damon/Kat/Jeremy scenes- was funny and interesting.
Matt/Bonnie scenes- interesting. Good luck with Vicky being back in reality and not a ghost.
Ripper Stefan protecting Elena and living with Damon is an interesting twist.
Note to TVD writers: stop playing fast and loose with compulsion. Either you can be compelled or not. Bill (a human) cannot be compelled because he had intense training and now Stefan can fight certain compulsions from an Original no less.

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Posted at 1:12 PM on October 14, 2011  

Loved this episode. The writers obviously know who is in charge now——-Nina and Ian!!! There together off screen and now together forever on screen. You can tell that Nina is turning up the sexy and acting when she is with Ian. Delena ftw. Stelena, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Posted at 11:16 AM on October 14, 2011  

Last nights episode was probably the BEST episode of the entire series. Point blank. It was one of the best storylines, and literally involved the ENTIRE cast (save Alaric, wtf was he doing, btw?). I loved the struggle, angst, pain, turning points- everything! Now I know Delena fans are dancing for joy, but I am still not pro-that relationship. Don’t people realize that the only way to get Elena completely taken away from Stefan was by KLAUS turning off his emotions? Stefan tried SO hard, and resisted up until Klaus literally FORCED him to obey him, and I’m a little ticked that this blog skipped talking about how devoted he was to her. Damon was gone the entire episode, and he comes back for ten minutes to apologize and you think what he and Elena had was stronger than what Stefan showed for her by resisting the compulsion of a 1000+ year old vampire?! Excuse me, while I go drown myself (hey, Matt). Bottom line is that yes, this was an important point in the Delena relationship but let’s not forget that Elena was Team STEFAN up until the very last bite. He caused himself PHYSICAL pain and emotional carnage just so he wouldn’t hurt her, and I think that says so much for Stefan’s selflessness and control, because I’d like to see ANY of you resist undeniable orders from Klaus, himself. Though I am glad Damon is there to comfort her because I truly do adore him, Idk, still not sold. Oh, and I don’t “ship” anyone, this just an unbiased opinion.

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Posted at 9:32 AM on October 14, 2011  

”He looked at her with those absurdly green eyes…” OMFG WTF?!??!?!?!? Is someone here blind or what?!!? HES EYES ARE BLUE< VERY BLUE!

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Andy Swift

Posted at 9:50 AM on October 14, 2011  

#AndyFail :(

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Posted at 5:39 AM on October 14, 2011  

Ians eyes are definitely BLUE!!!!

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Posted at 2:30 AM on October 14, 2011  

Why not. I ship it.

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Posted at 1:59 AM on October 14, 2011  

BLUE! Damon’s eyes are BLUE!!!! Please fix that ^^” (Stefan is the one with Green eyes!).

But other than that – I love your recaps because you too ship Delena like the rest of us ;)<3 xo

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Andy Swift

Posted at 9:49 AM on October 14, 2011  

To everyone who corrected me on the color of Damon’s eyes, I thank you, and I see your deepest apologies.

I wrote this after watching TVD and TSC, so my emotions got the best of my brain lol

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Andy Swift

Posted at 9:50 AM on October 14, 2011  

*SEEK, not see

Geez, apparently my emotions are still messing with me.

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