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'The Secret Circle' Key Comments: Fans Are 'Devastated' Over [Spoiler]'s Death!

Fri, October 14, 2011 2:33pm EDT by Andy Swift 34 Comments
The Secret Circle, Nick Armstrong, Louis Hunter

From ‘Let’s start a petition’ to ‘I don’t think I can keep watching,’ fans of ‘The Secret Circle’ are mourning the loss of Nick Armstrong.

Even though I knew going into the Oct. 13 episode of The Secret Circle that Nick (Louis Hunter) was going to die, nothing could have prepared me for the flood of emotions I felt watching him go — and watching his fellow circle members react to the tragedy. And I clearly wasn’t alone, as dozens of outraged commenters took to‘s recap of the episode with their own sentiments of sadness, frustration — and in one case,  dreams of a shirtless ghostly future.

Many fans believe Nick had serious potential and were looking forward to seeing him mature, not only as a person, but as a love interest for Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy.)

Chloe 24 writes: “Characters like Nick (think Damon from Vampire Diaries) are always huge fan favorites, because they can be developed over time and grow into better people.”

Tristin adds: “I wanted to see nick and mellissa become a actally couple :(“

But the most intense outrage of all seemed to come from fans of L.J. Smith‘s original Secret Circle book series:

A. Knight wrote: “Fans of the original books, like myself, should be royally ticked. I mean, I loved Book Nick, and I was really starting to get into TV Nick + Melissa. … If they keep killing off members of the circle then I don’t think I can keep watching. :(“

Despite their collective sadness over Nick’s sudden departure, however, some fans remain hopeful we will see him again someday:

Verybookish ponders: “Maybe they’ll bring him back as a shirtless ghost.”

Considering this is a show about witches, and it’s on The CW, I’d say that’s a very good possibility.

— Andy Swift

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