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Bringing Home The Bacon And The Baby!

Wed, October 12, 2011 8:55am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment

With Beyonce’s announcement about her and Jay-Z’s little bundle of joy arriving soon, tabloids and news columns have begun commenting about what this means to be a mom and have a career. So just how much will a new baby take a toll on a woman’s career?

With their baby due date steadily approaching, Sarah is beginning to realize even more how much of a struggle balancing her career with her family is about to become, while Neil isn’t very concerned.  Read their opinion on the issue!

She said:
It seems as though everyone out there thinks that children and careers just don’t mix well. So what does this mean for me?  I have to admit it hasn’t been easy since announcing my pregnancy. Opportunities seem to be on the decline and I have even gone so far as hiding a very obvious belly in meetings and interviews because I feel a pregnant candidate or business partner just isn’t as attractive –The mumus probably aren’t making me very attractive though either!  So will I have to give up the career I have worked so hard for just to have a baby? Is it possible to have them both, or will the Mommy Mafia of Brooklyn look down on me for attending that late work dinner? Will my colleagues freak out when I carry in a breast pump to work?  I can’t wait until Neil pulls a finger painting of our cat that now covers his 30 page presentation.

I have many friends that do seem to have it quite together: both career and kid. My friend Rachel has my absolute dream job (sorry guys, can’t tell you what that is, information has to be withheld to protect the fabulous) and she has raised an amazing child with a great personality. However she tells me on a regular basis: “I am just exhausted.” I have another great friend who will be using a live in Nanny to A) Save money (yes, they are cheaper when you house and feed them) and B) be there more often so she can continue to work. With recent movie release “I Don’t Know How She Does It “ it seems as though this is a common trend. It can be done, but maybe it just requires a hell of a lot of 5 hour energy and multi-tasking.

BTW, I know how she does it…… it was a surrogate

He said:
Among the many things I fear, number 1 being dropping the baby, I have to say balancing work and baby isn’t one of them. I’m more concerned with how it will affect my Sunday night soccer matches. I may say that now before my nights turn into endless shift rotations of feeding and changing. However, I’m pretty sure that many men before me have paved this path.

Granted, I wont be the one needing to “pump” every three to four hours while I am away from the baby. And I also wont have to tack on an hour after work to get my “pre-baby body” back. Am I wrong to not fear this at all? Tell me HollyBaby Dads, is there more I could do to prepare?

Sarah Main & Neil Eggleton

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