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Kristen Stewart, Is It Really Necessary To Drop The F-Bomb Seven Times In One Interview?

Tue, October 11, 2011 5:50pm EDT by 65 Comments

I’m all for self-expression, but Kristen Stewart takes cussing a little too far for professional settings. After all, she’s the star of a film series directed at teens!

I wonder if Kristen Stewart ever got her mouth washed out with soap. One time, when I was four and let my mouth — and my attitude — get carried away, my mom broke out a bar of soap and gave me a mouthful. She asked me how it tasted and I (facetiously) told her it was fantastic. Then she went in for round two. Not only did it taste disgusting, I remember not being able to get the after-taste out of my mouth for several minutes…and to make matters worse, it upset my stomach. After that, I did my best to keep my swearing at bay — and in the privacy of my own room or with my friends only. Judging from her latest interview with Boxoffice Magazine, Kristen, 21, never had the joy of getting her mouth cleaned. She dropped the F-bomb a whopping SEVEN times!

When talking about her character, Bella Swan, in The Twilight Saga, Kristen says “she doesn’t get respect for all of her f–king amazing qualities” and describes why “the f–king thing is criticized all the time.”

She later goes on to discuss Snow White and the Huntsman and throws the F-word around like it’s candy on Halloween. “How the f–k do you do an action movie like that?” she asks. Other fun one-liners include: “I’ve had some f–king eye-opening experiences on this movie.” And, “It’s literally f–king anguish.”

I promise I’m not some up-tight, squeaky clean judgment-filled critic here. I actually respect K-Stew and love the “realness” she brings to the table. However, there are certainly times when swearing is effective — and other times, like in a two question interview with a clean cut magazine, when it’s totally inappropriate.

Kristen, right now you’re promoting a film series that’s directed toward TEENAGERS, not a Darren Aronofsky film like Requiem for A Dream. On top of that, you’re about to make audiences believe you’re the sweetest, most innocent girl in all the land, Snow White…so why are you actively trying to come across as this tough chick with a biker mouth?

We all know you were the biggest swearer on the Twilight set — it’s been a running joke in interviews with the cast and the directors. However, lock it up when you’re doing press. Or maybe save it for big moments so we’ll take you more f–king seriously.

Hugs & kisses,
Your sister in F-word love

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