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'90210' Recap: Politics Lead To Breakups & Prostitution. Always.

Tue, October 11, 2011 10:03pm EDT by Andy Swift 2 Comments

Two major couples are on the rocks! Do you think they’ll be able to work things out?

The Oct. 11 episode of 90210 served as an hour-long reminder of why I don’t get political: Everybody ends up getting hurt. Or they become prostitutes. Regardless, the gang had a rough go of things this week — and it might be too late for two fan-favorite couples to pick up the pieces.

Teddy (Trevor Donovan) made his triumphant return to Beverly Hills this week, but if he had idea how much drama was waiting for him, he might not have been in such a rush to come back. He bumped into Shane (Ryan Rottman), an old flame from Barcelona, only to discover his uncle was running for Congress against the very politician Shane had sworn his undying allegiance to!

Oh, and did I mention that politician was played by Brandy? Because she was totally played by Brandy. I literally cannot stress that fact enough.

In an ongoing effort to boost her sorority’s profile on campus, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) decided to help students register to vote — and with a little event-planning assistance from everybody’s favorite cowboy, the “Strip to Vote” party was born! Unsurprisingly, Naomi and Austin (Justin Deeley) did most of the stripping, ultimately finding themselves in an awkward, clothes-less position with Max (Josh Zuckerman.)

Meanwhile, Annie (Shenae Grimes) continued her G-rated escort business — seriously, a sex-less dinner date is not technically prostitution — but this time she brought a new girl into the fold. Yes, Navid’s naughty little sister is now Annie’s partner in Disney-level crime. This is sure to end adorably. Not well, but definitely adorably.

Things also got tense between Liam (Matt Lanter), Jane (Kristina Apgar) and Jane’s zombie husband this week, as a scuffle between the dudes landed pregnant Jane in the hospital. I really hope the baby’s OK. But more importantly, I really hope zombie husband doesn’t start nomming on Liam’s beautiful brain. Who would run the bar?!

Lastly, and certainly most tragic, is what went down between Navid (Michael Steger) and Silver (Jessica Stroup) this week. Silver got back to her intrepid reporter roots — I’m bummed she gave up on that dream, by the way — and found out about Navid’s uncle’s little illegal car ring. But instead of understanding, she basically broke up with him and moved in with Naomi until he gets his life together. Talk about overreacting! I think someone’s off their meds again…

OK, your turn to rant. Do you think Navid and Silver are really donezo? And what about Naomi and Max? Plus, who wants to bet money that Jane’s baby is really Liam’s? Drop a comment with your every ridiculous thought!

— Andy Swift

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