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An Open Letter To 'Gossip Girl' Writers: Why Chuck & Blair Are Meant For Each Other

Fri, October 7, 2011 7:40pm EDT by 57 Comments

Royalty shmoyalty… ‘Gossip Girl’ writers lets get rid of Prince Louis and get back to the real King and Queen — Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf!

Dear Gossip Girl writers — In the words of the heartsick man in Love Actually: “Enough. Enough now.” It’s time to stop messing with Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Chuck made a good point that Louis waited far longer for Blair than Chuck ever did when he was standing on the Empire State building, but the truth is, Louis has nothing on Chuck. Do you hear me? NOTHING!

I’ve compiled a list for the top five reasons why Blair and Chuck are meant to be together. I’ve asked a few loyal Chair fans to help me. (Thank you guys!! Sorry I couldn’t put every singe person’s reason but I think this is the gist of it.) Writers — please see below, and act accordingly:

1) Blair and Chuck truly know each other, in every way possible, and love each other anyway. They are completely accepting of one another’s faults. As @ladynetdoma puts it, they are “all-forgiving”. Even Blair’s mother Eleanor agrees: “She found a partner-in-crime in Charles, certainly.”

2) They are each cunning, smart, and manipulative and together they are, as @SunnySabry says, “a force to be reckoned with”. “You don’t get nearly enough credit for your wit.” – Chuck to Blair.

3) They put each other’s happiness above their own. Chuck and Blair have proven this countless times, the last instance was the season finale last year when Chuck told Blair to stay with Louis. Precious! This happened before too, “Why did you just do that Chuck?” -S “Because I love her,and I cant make her happy.” -C (via @BoomBoomBangx)

4) They are an unlikely pair, and when they first hooked up I didn’t fully know what to think of it. It was unexpected, but amazing. “Because somehow two wrongs make one twisted right.” – Serena (via @jazy736)

5) “They are the king and queen in Gossip Girl’s game of chess, and everyone else is a pawn.” (Josh Schwartz’ words reworded by @lucreziareigns)

The list can go on and on … as I’m sure the Chairleaders will show you in their comments below. So please, just put Prince Louis down, gently now, and step away slowly with your hands in the air. We won’t hurt you, so long as you surrender.


Lorena O’Neil

P.S. Baby Bass … he’s a necessity too. Thanks.