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Ashton Kutcher Is Especially Awful To Demi Moore For Allegedly Cheating When She's Right In The Spotlight!

Fri, October 7, 2011 11:59pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 4 Comments

Ashton, did you REALLY have to embarrass your wife on your sixth wedding anniversary just before she’d be promoting her new breast cancer film, ‘Five?’

It was Demi Moore‘s moment to be in the sun. She had directed one of the short films making up a Lifetime special on breast cancer, Five, which will air Oct. 10 — and you knew she’d be out promoting it.

In fact, Demi traveled to New York the weekend you partied with — and allegedly bedded — 23-year-old Sara Leal, to get ready to tape segments on Good Morning America and The View.

Here she was, all excited about her serious and sensitive directorial debut about a subject with great personal meaning to her. Her own mother, Virginia Guynes, died of a brain tumor at the age of 54 in 1998.

She was also proud to be doing something worthy to help women everywhere — by making them even more aware of breast cancer and sweeping away old misconceptions.

But instead of being able to enjoy her moment in the spotlight and to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, she had your thoughtless diss-behavior hanging over her.

She had to have an inkling about your wild and inappropriate partying over the weekend. Someone had to have at least hinted to her that you were naked with naked girls in a San Diego hot tub … and more.

She had to be worried about being asked about you, Ashton, on both GMA and The View. And in fact, she was.

She ended up having to talk about the flowers and card you sent her while she was directing Five on GMA. Then about you parading naked on the set of Two and A Half Men on The View.

In both cases, the hosts weren’t yet aware of your alleged sexy San Diego adventure with Sara, so fortunately, Demi wasn’t asked anything truly embarrassing. Thank goodness.

But she had to be dying inside, sitting on those couches knowing that all her accomplishments were being undermined by your inconsideration and immaturity.

It just is so selfish, Ashton. If you were allegedly going to cheat, couldn’t you have kept it in your pants for just a couple more weeks and allowed your wife to deservedly enjoy her moment to shine?

— Bonnie Fuller

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