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'Secret Circle' Recap: Cassie & Faye Bond Plus Someone In The Circle's Possessed!

Thu, October 6, 2011 11:26pm EDT by Add first Comment

Can we also talk about how Adam is TOTALLY Team Cassie now!?

I’m not a fan of scary movies. I usually watch them with my hands almost completely over my face, or stare at the corner of the screen as if seeing things through my peripheral vision make them less scary. Tonight’s episode of ‘The Secret Circle‘ damn near gave me a heart attack. Here’s what went down:

  • Nick and Melissa have completely grown on me — they are so hot! Loved the scene where he wills her buttons to open and then she just straight up takes her shirt off. Some things are better without magic, indeed Nicholas.
  • Faye gets in Melissa’s ear and makes her act crazy jealous with Nick. As an individual who is crazy jealous by nature, and often susceptible to girlfriends making her more so, I could totally relate to Melissa in this episode.
  • Diana pretends she’s all mature (okay she actually is that mature but it bothers me because I’m older than Diana and don’t even have as much maturity as she does in her pinky) and tells Adam he should go with Cassie to visit Heather. Adam doesn’t need many excuses to hang out with Cassie, and the two venture off to investigate.
  • Heather is comatose and living in a haunted house, she reaches out to grab Cassie after not moving for 16 years and it was terrifying.
  • Cassie realizes the marking on Heather’s arm was in her mom’s book of shadows and she’s upset that her mother would have put a suppression spell on Heather. Naturally, she and Adam work together to help reverse the spell and Cassie is (ridiculously) scared of needles so Adam must help prick her finger, somehow make it look sexual, and they share a moment just as Diana walks in. Uh-oh. How’s that maturity working out for you Di?
  • Diana says she and Adam can’t help Cassie because they don’t know what they are doing, so Faye steps in to do the job. She refers to Cassie’s mom as a “mean ass witch” and then has a sad moment when she confesses she too wants to know what happened that night in the boatyard. “I know I don’t come across like I care about much. My dad died that night.”
  • She also has the line of the night saying they are all in the same boat. “A boat full of sad witches.”
  • Faye and Cassie’s spell works, although they are not aware of this and Heather goes all crazy as a snake slithers up inside her. She tracks the girls down and in between sad explanations of what happened that fateful night “Wherever there are witches, evil follows” … “One of them got inside me” … “Demons” … “They were trying to use her magic” she also goes insane in her possession, flies, and attacks both girls.
  • Melissa and Nick’s witch-on-witch sex is used for good as Melissa sees Faye thrashing around in Cassie’s window and she and Nick run over to help.
  • Heather is still scary, and she can still fly.
  • Heather runs out into the road and conveniently gets hit by a car. That was easy. Oh, wait a snake is now loose and in Nick’s jacket. Not so easy.
  • Faye and Cassie are the only ones who go home alone as the other four pair off. Then there’s a knock on Cassie’s door and I REALLY wanted it to be Faye (they have good chemistry too!) but it was Adam, sneaking around behind Diana’s back to help Cassie “clean”. Oh and he also told Cassie “No, you were right” when she said Diana was right about not getting in over their head trying to find out about the boatyard. “We need to know what happened 16 years ago, our lives depend on it. -Adam. ADAM’S TEAM CASSIE!!!!!
  • The last scene is cree-py. Literally. A snake creeps into Melissa as she sleeps next to Nick and next week’s trailer shows her possessed. It also says the circle’s broken? WHAT?! Does someone die? Or was this referring to Melissa’s possession breaking the circle? Or does Nick step in to save Melissa and sacrifice his life? AHHHH!! Tell me more.

Conclusion: I. Can’t. Wait. Until. Next. Week.