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Snooki Has Sex With Vinny & Has A Huge Fight With JWoww!

Thu, October 6, 2011 11:16pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

Just an hour after Jionni broke up with Snooki she crawled into bed with Vinny — are you tired of her lying to the house?

Snooki is all over the place! On the Oct. 6 episode of Jersey Shore the MTV reality star called her boyfriend Jionni three times and told him different stories about whether she slept with Vinny. She finally admitted they “smushed” but now their relationship is over.

Snooki deserves to be dumped. Even her best friend JWoww stood up to her at the vineyard and told her how awful lit was that she keeps embarassing poor Jionni. It makes us all wonder if maybe Mike is telling the truth and they really did sleep together while she was with Jionni.

Snooki starts screaming at JWoww hysterically and then she runs off to smoke a cigarette in her over-sized leopard hat. When she gets back to the house she works things out with JWoww but decides she needs to straighten things out with Jionni — well sort of.

After Snooki gets a refresher from Vinny as to what really went down … they had sex. Snooki calls Jionni for the third time and reveals that she was wrong, she blacked out and DID sleep with Vinny an hour after they broke up. It’s a good thing Jionni already changed his Facebook status to single. Oh, Snooki’s dad was the one who ended up telling her that. They must be so proud of her!

Meanwhile, all of the guys are in Sicily at Vinny’s extended family’s house. They are stuffing their faces and having a bonding guido moment. I think I even saw Pauly D shed a tear — weird.

The episode ends with Snooki telling Jionni what she did and then the it cuts to black.

Tune in next week to find out what Jionni has to say and who Snooki sleeps with next — maybe Deena?

— Chloe Melas