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'Secret Circle': Phoebe Tonkin Reveals Why Faye Can Be So 'Relentless'! Find Out!

Wed, October 5, 2011 9:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Faye is one of the breakout characters on ‘The Secret Circle’ but she has a mean streak. Phoebe Tonkin gives us a hint as to why!

Anybody who is a fan of The Secret Circle also probably has an affinity for the lovely Faye Chamberlain played by Phoebe Tonkin. The Aussie actress chatted with about the witch’s darker side.“I think [soon] we start seeing a bit more of Faye’s history and why Faye is the way that she is,” explains Phoebe.

So what can Phoebe reveal about Faye’s past and why she can sometimes be so cold? What plays a part in her attitude? “Her relationship with her mother, there’s a few things that happened with guys,” reveals the actress. Tell us more! “Maybe there [are a] few guys that maybe broke her heart a few years ago and it all comes up in her behavior.” Phoebe laughs.  “Sometimes Faye can be quite relentless.”

We saw a glimpse of that last week when Faye called Nick out for treating Melissa like crap. If she herself had experienced heartbreak it makes sense she can spot a player from a mile away…. and confront him about it!

We can’t wait to see all of the layers peeled back from one of our favorite characters. Are you surprised to hear Faye’s previous heartbreaks might be why she’s so prone to the bad girl side of things? Or does this make total sense? Sound off below!