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Expert: Justin Bieber Is A 'Controlling Boyfriend' To Selena Gomez!

Wed, October 5, 2011 3:00pm EDT by Chloe Melas 20 Comments

Have you noticed how Justin is always walking a little bit ahead of Selena? Our Beverly Hills based body language expert says this means Justin is a very ‘controlling boyfriend.’ Do you think this is true?

Selena Gomez has never looked happier with her boyfriend Justin Bieber. But our body language expert says we need to look a bit more closely at their relationship. Dr. Lilian Glass tells that the pictures of Justin and Selena holding hands in Brazil doesn’t indicate a healthy relationship — we are shocked with this news!Dr. Glass tells us that the reason Justin is usually walking in front of Selena is because he’s “insecure” about their relationship and trying to assert his power.

“Walking ahead of her says ‘power’ and that he has to be in charge,” she tells us. “Selena is happily taking a subservient role in the relationship and it says she’s insecure about the relationship too.”

Maybe Justin’s alleged insecurity is because Selena is absolutely gorgeous and a bit older? She is 19-years-old while Justin is only 17. But Justin is a huge superstar and girls would do anything to be in Selena’s position.

Luckily, Dr. Glass does reveal one good thing about their relationship — there’s tons of passion!

“It’s good that they walk in step,” she says. “It shows they are like-minded and both on the same page. There’s also a lot of passion between them, but she just needs to step up and take charge in the relationship.”

— Chloe Melas

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