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'Gossip Girl': Blair Better Tell Chuck She's Pregnant Next Week!

Tue, October 4, 2011 5:56pm EDT by 39 Comments
Gossip Girl Blair Pregnant

I am in dire need of a good Chuck and Blair scene and I really hope we get one in next week’s episode of ‘Gossip Girl’. Now that everyone’s finding out she’s pregnant it’s time for Blair to let Chuck know!

I love Chair as much as the next girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate scenes with Dan and Blair as well and I liked watching their interactions on Gossip Girl last night. I’m glad B finally has Dan and Dorota to confide in (Beatrice isn’t exactly going to be helpful), but enough is enough — it’s time for Blair to tell Chuck she’s pregnant!I understand that Blair didn’t exactly run to Dan to share her news and it ended up being blurted out as she defended herself against being bulimic (I knew that storyline would somehow work with her morning sickness). Similarly, she told Dorota after asking many questions at the doctors’ office. I know that Blair wanted to keep this a secret but it’s clearly spiraling out of control and she should tell Chuck before he hears about it from someone else. Especially because a certain Lonely Boy knows the secret, and he’s going to be getting help from our favorite bow-tied boy.

As much fun as a dramatic Chuck and Blair encounter might be should he hear the news secondhand, this is a situation that is serious and whether or not the baby is his, Chuck needs to get the news from Blair. This isn’t just some UES gossip, there’s a baby involved. (Plus, pretty sure that would get Chuck to feel something.) In the promo we see Blair ripping up the paternity results Dan hands her, but we don’t know if she uncovers who it is yet.

Something tells me Blair’s going to avoid finding out, tell Louis (blah) she’s pregnant and just believe in the power of positive thinking. She’ll just pretend it’s Louis’ baby and be in denial that it could also be Chuck’s. I really hope I’m wrong.

What do you guys think? Will Chuck be the last person to know Blair’s pregnant? Do you think he’ll find out next week? Will we find out who the father is yet? Josh Safran said it would be in the first half of the season, but we are still only in the very beginning. Let me know what you hope happens below!

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