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'Tough Love' Host Steve Ward: 'Everything Is Based On Appearance' In The Miami Dating Scene!

Sun, October 2, 2011 4:52pm EDT by 1 Comment
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‘Tough Love’ is back — and host Steve Ward told EXCLUSIVELY all about the new season!

VH1’s new season of Tough Love is heading to Miami — and eight new women are about to have a complete overhaul of their dating habits. From urging ‘Miss Bossy’ Jane to come down off her high horse to helping Christine deal with her self-confidence issues, master matchmaker and host Steve Ward tells EXCLUSIVELY all about the new season!

The weather is hot in Miami and the people are good looking, but it’s a dating scene like no other!

“Dating is indigenous to where you live,” explains Steve. “Dating in Miami’s a little different. The men in Miami are a bit more superficial than even New York City and L.A. You can generalize men and say ‘That’s how all men are,’ but I would say in Miami, everything is based very much so on your appearance.”

But Steve is ready to give these women the tools they need to attract Mr. Right. First, he has to deal with Jane.

“She’s labeled as ‘Miss Bossy’ on the show,” he says. “She characterizes herself as fierce and fabulous, but she was really just fierce. So I had to bring out the fabulousness — eventually I brought her around.”

Then Steve helped Christine.

“Christine is labeled as ‘Miss Body Issues’ on the show,” he reveals. “She was a former Miss Iowa who gained a significant amount of weight after she had her daughter. She lost it all and she looks fantastic now — except she’s terribly insecure with her appearance.”

Steve’s goal? To help women make it through the dating scene.

“There are far more eligible women out there than there are eligible men, simply because of the fact that women want to be more eligible for relationships than men want to,” he shares. “This show I designed to be more of a cautionary tale for young women everywhere that are focusing on college and careers and have never really took the time to develop healthy relationship skills, just to go out into the world and just start dating haphazardly. They’re finding themselves single at 32 or 33 and never having had formidable relationships. My goal is to hopefully scare those single girls out there straight and do something about it now before they end up in their mid-30s, panicking!”

Be sure to catch Tough Love Oct. 2  at 9 p.m. on VH1!

— Lindsey DiMattina