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Need to Get Rid Of Cellulite? Learn About A Promising New Treatment!

Fri, September 30, 2011 12:00pm EDT by 2 Comments

Have YOU suffered from cellulite like almost all of us? Now there’s a treatment that some dermatologists say really works.

If people will inject chemicals into their faces to stay young, why not their legs? The hour-long treatment doesn’t come cheap — it’s around $5,000 — but it is said to produce long lasting results. Amidst the buzz, dermatologists are coming out in support of the process.

Cellulaze is a two step process, explains New York based celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz.

“Basically what we do is we thread a laser fiber under the skin that shoots in different directions and tightens the dermas, because with cellulite the skin is less firm and fat pushes up, the lasts allows us to even out the skin by shooting the laser energy in diff direction, local anesthesia, one treatment, lasts for at least about a year.”

Dr. Katz is involved in the FDA trials related to the treatment so he has done it many times over. He works at one of only five centers in the country that currently provide the treatment!

Would Dr. Katz recommend it?

“I think it could be the most affective treatment out there. All the treatments so far have been temp and these are long lasting results,” Dr. Katz explains.

He says it improves the appearance of skin by 70-80%! dermatologist, Dr. William Coleman III agrees that the procedure holds promise.

“Cellulite results from alternating areas of thin and thick skin which results in bulging fat in the thinner areas,” says Dr. Coleman. “Every treament to date has targeted the fat and ignored the actual problem: the skin. This new technology is the first to attempt to thicken skin in cellulite areas and in concept makes good sense. Early trials are encouraging but like all new technology the real results will be seen after it is approved and used on large numbers of people.”

Not all derms are excited about Cellulaze though. plastic surgeon, Dr. George Commons, says not to believe the hype.

“This is a treatment derived to separate patients from their money and is worthless,” Dr. Commons says. “It may improve cellulite 5 % for a week or so but it baloney.  This is one of the many high tech nonsense items like Thermage and Titan etc that are bad ideas.”

It sounds like there’s certainly hope that this treatment may be successful in the long term, but would YOU try it?

Eden Univer

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