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Five Reasons To See The Funny & Inspirational Cancer Comedy '50/50!'

Fri, September 30, 2011 10:40am EDT by William Earl Add first Comment

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen give great performances in one of the year’s best films!

I’ll say it: 50/50 is one of the finest movies I’ve seen this year. I’ve never experienced a cancer diagnosis personally, but I’ve never seen an illness movie seem so realistic and natural. It’s rare that characters in tearjerker movies act in ways that real humans do, but that’s a huge reason this movie struck a chord. Furthermore, the cast — anchored by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young cancer patient, his best friend Seth Rogen, his therapist Anna Kendrick & his girlfriend Bryce Dallas Howard — balance humor and high-drama with nuanced performances. Check out five reasons you need to drop what you’re doing and see 50/50 RIGHT NOW (right after you finish catching up on the day’s news on!)

1) It manages to find humor and realness in a dark disease, while being respectful of the patient’s plight.

Life gets real super-fast for this young group, but the dark sense of humor this film toes makes these characters seem honest and enhance the drama.

2) Joseph is the perfect straight man, engaging the viewer while whipping out some serious acting chops when necessary.

There’s never been any doubt that JGL is a rock-solid actor, but the nuance he exhibits during 50/50 might just be his best performance yet. He plays through every emotion, and when he finally does haven epic a breakdown late in the movie, it left everyone in the theatre floored.

3) Seth delivers some great comic relief.

It seems gimmicky to put Seth — who essentially plays the variation on his own personality he’s been doing for years — in this movie, but he is the perfect yin to JGL’s yang. His humor cuts deeper and darker than ever before, with a undercurrent of love which is disarming and fragile. Kudos.

4) The characters don’t follow movie cliches — they’re fleshed-out and real!

Ok, Anna’s naive therapist role may be a bit of a stretch, but for the most the choices written in this movie are unpredictable. Considering Hollywood’s love of paint-by-number screenplays, there are many dynamic choices — most notably JGL’s relationship with the two female leads.

5) It’s a fast-paced movie that just relies on conversation — what a relief!

After a summer of high-octane blockbusters and noise, it’s a relief to see great actors chew on some witty dialogue for two hours.

— William Earl

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