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'The Secret Circle' Recap: Diana Confronts Cassie & Faye Gives An Awesome Speech!

Thu, September 29, 2011 10:32pm EDT by Add first Comment

When their parents actions come back to haunt them, the Circle must come together to defend themselves… plus someone gets ‘marked’! Chance Harbor is getting creepy.

The Secret Circle is nothing if not suspenseful! The big mystery of what happened in the fire played a huge part in tonight’s episode as some big questions — Heather!? — are brought up and left unanswered until next week. Let’s go over what we do know after tonight!

  • Finally, Nick and Melissa begin to become interesting characters! Nick continues to treat Melissa horribly despite their witch-on-witch sex. She wants him to come to the dance, he’s rude about it, but shows up, only to upset her. Typical guy. “I treat you like crap and you keep coming back for more,” Nick says, confused. Life, meet Nick. Nick, this is life. Luckily, Faye steps in to save the day between the blossoming lovebirds. Despite being mean to Melissa earlier with her “Unlike you, I like myself” comment, she later nicely explains to Melissa that Nick treats her poorly because he is “double damaged” since both of his parents died in the fire. Then, she scolds Nick in an awesome scene that includes her sticking up for her friend and telling him if he can’t “do it right” then he shouldn’t date Melissa at all. Yay Faye! She may have acted like she was going through magic-withdrawal for most of the episode but Zachary scaring her brought out her good-friendness. It was nice to see a softer side of Faye.
  • Speaking of Zachary…. his good looks aside, he stirred up trouble for the witches. Turns out he and his girlfriend Heather were close friends of Amelia‘s until she got heavily involved in the circle. At first he’s happy to see Cassie but things quickly get dark for Zachary when he realizes the younger witches are practicing and have bound their circle. He beats up Charles and goes after Cassie so he can kill a member of the circle because he doesn’t want what happened to Heather to happen again. Hold on … what did Cassie’s mother do to Heather? From the looks of the preview Heather’s mind has been erased. After the six teen witches kick Zachary’s ass, Dawn and Charles swoop in to take care of his body. They don’t kill him but Dawn creepily “marks” Zachary and threatens him to stay away from the teenagers.  “I will turn your life into a living hell much worse than Heather ever knew.” Now we see where Faye’s protective, and slightly dark, instincts come from. Sidenote: It was kind of cute how insulted Charles got when Dawn got upset that Diana actually believed they were dating.
  • Diana starts to really catch on with Cassie and Adam. She quickly glanced at Adam as she told Cassie to go into the dance with Luke, the guy Adam reluctantly set Cassie up with. She also turned down Adam driving both of the girls home and said she could make sure Cassie gets home herself. (Why doesn’t Cassie just take herself home, ever?) Adam, who doesn’t seem to understand the art of not tempting fate, calls Cassie out for staying away from him. She admits it’s true “because sometimes when we’re together streetlights explode and I think that might be weird for Diana.” Smart girl that Cassie. I think she should try to date Luke or something but he doesn’t have guy-liner or a silver cord connecting him with her, so she may not be interested. Diana confronts Cassie at the end, when they start to bond. “I see the way [Adam] looks at you,” she says, explaining to Cassie that she’s loved Adam forever. “You have nothing to worry about Diana, I would never come between you too,” asserts Cassie. Girlfriend, never say never. Especially not when Kevin Williamson is involved.

What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite part? Diana standing up for her relationship? Faye giving Nick the incredible ‘treat my friend right’ speech? Dawn being evil? Sound off below and watch the promo for “Heather”!