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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is Taking Baby Sophia Away From Her Grandmother!

Wed, September 28, 2011 11:16am EDT by 4 Comments

Is this a good idea or nuts? Farrah reverses her decision to leave Sophia with her grandparents when she goes to college during the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion special!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham sure is indecisive! During the Teen Mom finale, she bawled about her decision to leave her 2-year-old daughter Sophia behind with her own mother Debra Danielson in Iowa as she moved to Florida to go to college. But during the Sept. 27 finale reunion special with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Farrah changes her mind again and tells her mom that Sophia will be coming to Florida with her for part of the time!

“Sophia won’t be staying with you entirely,” Farrah reveals in a clip from the reunion obtained by Us magazine. “That means she’ll probably only stay with you when I move and only visit when I need to focus on school — so probably not as much as you planned.”

And Farrah decides this almost instantaneously. “Pretty much right now as I’m thinking through it,” she confesses. “The more time you have to think about things, the better [clearer] it gets.”

Debra’s caught off guard by this revelation. “She told me to go get a room ready for Sophia,” she says. “She told me to get all this stuff done so Sophia and I went shopping and we did all of that.”

Farrah jumps in: “That’s good that she has a room.”

But Debra realizes that the only way Farrah is going to understand what a commitment she is making is by going through the experience herself. “I think Farrah needs to take Sophia down there maybe experience some of this [and] maybe she’ll understand why I am suggesting this and why I’m offering this help to her,” she shares. “Do you know how expensive it is to have full time child care while you’re trying to go to school and then try and pay for school? $38,000 for school, and she’s moving to an area where the cost of living is so much higher than where we live. And then she’s going to have try and pay for a full time babysitter.”

Farrah seems to understand this. “Yes, those are realistic and I know the long list,” she admits. “That’s why I work hard.

“I don’t think [a babysitter] will be as comforting [as Sophia being with her grandparents but] I know that I can reach her quicker if she is in the same city with me,” adds Farrah.

Hmm! HollyMoms — do you think it’s wise for Farrah to take Sophia with her to Florida?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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