Demi Moore: If Ashton Kutcher Cheated — Dump His Sorry A**! You Deserve Better!

Wed, September 28, 2011 5:39pm EST by 9 Comments

Demi — you are a gorgeous, talented, powerful woman — you don’t need to put up with a husband who isn’t 100 percent loyal!

Yes, I’ve heard the rumors that you and Ashton Kutcher have an open marriage. I’ve also heard many people talk about how Hollywood marriages are different from “ordinary” marriages.


No woman who has an iota of self-esteem can be happy when her husband enjoys bedding other women, especially when they are younger lovelies who can’t help blabbing about it to friends, relatives and Star magazine.

No woman wants to feel like she’s not satisfying her husband’s sexual and emotional needs!

No woman wants to share her husband … unless she’s a nutso sister wife and she’s married to Kody Brown.

Besides Demi — you’re not “every” woman. You’re Demi Moore — a woman of beauty, sophistication, intellect and talent. You are smart, funny, worldly and a major Hollywood player.

Who cares if your husband is younger and is the hot star of Two and a Half Men! He should STILL be worshipping the ground you walk on. He’s lucky to have someone as interesting and exciting as you to be married to. He’s from Iowa!

If he is choosing little blabby trollops like Brittney Jones, 22, and Sara Leal, 23, to have no-strings-attached sex with, then he is a loser who doesn’t appreciate the treasure he has in you nor the wonderful family life he’s built with you.

I actually spoke with two relationship experts who told me that infidelity needn’t end a marriage. “Just because Ashton Kutcher may have had random sex, doesn’t mean he isn’t into Demi too,” insists Cooper Lawrence, relationship expert and co-host of The Scott & Todd show on PLJ. “The only thing is, it’s probably embarrassing for her. He should do a better job of covering up his affairs.”

“Some people are able to separate sex and love. They have different definitions of infidelity,” believes psychologist Dr. Victoria Zdrok. “You can have emotional fidelity and sexual fidelity,” believess Zdrok, the author of the 30 Day Sex Solution.

Well, maybe these things are true for about two women in the world… who live in France. I don’t believe it’s true for you Demi, otherwise why have you been tweeting bikini shots and half-naked shots of yourself.

That makes me think, you’re feeling insecure. And that your husband isn’t making you feel safe, loved and secure. If he truly loved you, he wouldn’t disrespect you. All he’s loving right now is getting his jollies!

Yes, I do think Hollywood is different than regular America. It’s an even more competitive, self esteem- drubbing, youth-fixated place than anywhere else.

That’s why I can’t believe that you’d be fine if Ashton was cheating.

And you don’t need to be fine! You’re a wealthy independent woman who many men would die to love — you CAN dump him, if he’s cheating.

You don’t need any man to define you or bring you down.

Let the tarts have Ashton — that’s his just desserts!

— Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 9:47 AM on October 12, 2011  

the marriage was doomed from the beginning, age difference was too great, its typical the man is blamed for the break up. we don`t what really happened.I mean who even cares. lol. get a life people. your own life;-)

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Posted at 3:26 PM on October 4, 2011  

I don’t get why people make such a big deal over Ashton and Demi’s 15 year age difference.

Demi’s 15 years on Ashton is NOTHING compared to the age differences between many actors and their partners. Nutcase Kelsey Grammer is dating a girl almost his own daughter’s age!

George Clooney has also been old enough to be the father of most of his goldigging ex-girlfriends. His current girl (Stacy Keibler) is about 20 years younger than him. And Ice-T is 21 years older than Coco. So where are all the outraged comments over these relationships? LOL

And yet we still make a big deal over Nick and Mariah and Demi and Ashton. It’s 2011, people. So wake up.

A different set of rules don’t apply to men. They are not “entitled” to more more rights and privileges than women are.

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Posted at 3:49 PM on October 1, 2011  

If I have this straight, Bonny is choosing to disbelieve rumors like the open marriage rumor, which would imply that Demi is also seeing other people, while choosing to believe the infedelity rumor.

Doesn’t this say more about Bonny than Ashton & Demi?

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Cougar Demi

Posted at 7:21 AM on October 1, 2011  

Demi and Ashton were doomed from the start. She was a successful actress years ago, but what happened to her career? Ashton was clearly too young for her. She’s full of botox. Ashton is the cougar CUB. We all saw this coming. Most Cougar relationships do not work.

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Posted at 3:13 PM on October 4, 2011  

Actually, I’ve seen a lot of “cougar relationships” work. If it’s over, it’s not because of their age difference. It’s because HE CHEATED ON HIS WIFE.

By the way, Ashton is a grown man in his 30s so he’s nowhere near being “a cub”.

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Posted at 3:28 PM on September 30, 2011  

She is absolutely too old for him !!!

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Posted at 8:52 PM on September 29, 2011  

What the F’ took this guy so long?! It’s about time. Most guys don’t have his level of access, so a Demi Moore would make sense. But Kutcher has front row tickets to the major leagues. This was long over due. If it’s not true, I’ll be very disappointed.

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Posted at 2:13 AM on September 29, 2011  

Let’s face it, Demi is too old for Ashton! You can’t rely on having bottox and plastic surgery revision all the time! Set him free Demi!!!

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Posted at 8:10 PM on September 28, 2011  

Whether this is true or not, I will say that a relationship involving a younger celebrity female and an older celebrity male has a much better chance of surviving long-term then a relationship involving a younger celebrity male and an older celebrity female. Like Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. That can last. If this, on the other hand, doesn’t last, nobody would be surprised.

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