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Kim Kardashian Kisses Her Twitter Followers Goodnight, But I Hope She's About To Go Wash Off Her Makeup — It's The Most Important Step In Skincare!

Tue, September 27, 2011 9:20pm EDT by Add first Comment

My number one beauty advice is to wash off all of your makeup before bed, but a light rinse just won’t do!

Kim Kardashian Tweeted “Goodnight Kisses” to her Twitter followers and all I could think about was how much makeup she’s wearing. Sleeping without removing your makeup and washing your face lets bacteria fester on your skin all night, leading to clogs pores and zits! Check out my step-by-step guide to getting a deep clean before bed.

This is the way I get my own skin ready for bed every night. Yes, even when I’m tired and it’s late and even when I’m in a hurry. Use it as a guide, but always ask your dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or other skin issues.

  • First of all, take off that surface layer of whatever might be on your skin. Even if you don’t wear makeup, sweat and germs will build up on your face every day. We don’t live in bubbles! Whip out a facial cleansing cloth. It can be any brand you like and every drugstore carries a variety, just make sure it’s oil-free.
  • Now it’s time to wash. Grab a cleanser with salicylic acid to clear out those pores deep down. Look for one with 0.5-2% salicylic acid depending on how sensetive your skin tends to be.
  • Now even though you may think your skin is clean, grab a cotton pad and soak it in a bit of toner. Rub it all over your face and you’ll often be shocked to see makeup or dirt. Keep gently wiping your skin with a freshly soaked cotton pad until you no longer see any dirt.
  • Now finish up with your night creams, moisturizing, under eye cream, etc. Don’t you feel better applying a new layer to your skin knowing that it’s going onto a clean, fresh surface?

Be honest, HollywoodLifers. How well do you wash before bed?