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I Want Dan To Be The Father Of Blair's Baby On 'Gossip Girl!'

Tue, September 27, 2011 2:40pm EDT by Andy Swift 107 Comments

Call me a sucker for a good twist, but I think a ‘Dair’ baby is exactly what this show needs!

After last night’s game-changing season premiere, Gossip Girl fans worldwide are playing a feverish game of Pin the Tail on the Baby Daddy. But while most seem certain that Blair (Leighton Meester) is either carrying the spawn of Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) or the royal seed of Prince Louis (Hugo Becker), allow me to propose a third potential baby planter — Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)!

Not only would a “Dair” baby throw a total wrench in the Upper East Side, giving this show its most mind-blowing twist ever, but it would also reinforce my firm belief that Dan and Blair’s two worlds can successfully come together as one. Of course, it’s also possible I watched The Little Mermaid one too many times as a kid. (If a mer-person and a man-person can make a baby, anyone can, damn it!)

So how would such a pregnancy be possible, you ask? After all, was it not Chuck Bass we saw porking Blair Waldorf on last season’s (pun intended) climactic finale? Of course it was — but that’s where the magic of “flashbacks” comes in. Wouldn’t it be a killer twist if, later on this season, we learn that Chuck wasn’t the only guy Blair slept with?

Let’s be honest: if a girl is willing to stoop so low as to cheat on her prince fiancé with a baby raccoon like Chuck Bass, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find out she also slept with Dan.

OK, that officially ends my rant for the day and now it’s your turn to direct your crazy at me. Who do you think knocked up Blair Waldorf — and more importantly, who do you hope knocked up Blair Waldorf?

— Andy Swift

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