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I Think Bruno Mars' 'It Will Rain' Song For 'Breaking Dawn' Is About Jacob! Do You Agree?

Tue, September 27, 2011 6:22pm EDT by 23 Comments

There’s a debate in the Twi-verse about the new ‘Breaking Dawn’ soundtrack single and its meaning. Is it meant for Jacob or Edward? Vote!

Bruno Mars sings a gorgeously tragic and angst-ridden ballad called “It Will Rain” for the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 1 soundtrack. Personally, I love the song and think it’s perfect for Twilight, and I also think it is meant for one Jacob Black. Find out why!The song starts out with:”If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door / ‘Cause it would take a whole lot of medication / To realize what we used to have / But don’t have it anymore.”

This song doesn’t sound like it’s about somebody dying, it sounds like it’s about somebody leaving another person, which is relevant to Bella/Jacob and not Bella/Edward. (I’m not counting Bella turning into a vampire as her dying, obviously.) Jacob and Bella “used to have” something special but Jacob knows that once she marries Edward, what he and Bella had, not even in terms of a relationship but in terms of a close friendship, would be over because eventually she’d turn into a vampire.

Then let’s look at the chorus. “Cause there’ll be no more sunlight, if I lose you, baby / There’ll be no clear skies, if I lose you, baby/ Just like the clouds cry, my eyes will do the same if you walk away/ Every day it will rain.”

Um, sorry but Edward would be just fine if there was no more sunlight. Threatening to take the sun away from Edward means nothing. Jacob, on the other hand, my beautiful TAN Jacob, is often compared to the warm sun in Stephenie Meyer‘s books.

A big part of the first section of the Breaking Dawn novel is told from Jacob’s point of view, so I can definitely see this song being about what he is going through as he deals with Bella marrying Edward. Jacob as a wolf running through the forest to this song? Yup, can completely picture it.

That’s not to say the people who think this song is about Bella and Edward fighting over keeping the baby, or Edward grappling with possibly losing Bella when she gives birth, don’t have a point. There’s even one section of the song that points out the girl’s parents don’t like the guy crooning the lyrics and we all know how Charlie feels about Edward. But I think that might be taking the lyrics too literally, or rather even more literally than I am already taking them.

“The ‘Twilight’ movies for me (are) a love story. But it’s a dark love story. And I think the best way to describe the song is: it’s the darker side of love. I think that pretty much sums it up,” explained Bruno in a recent interview. Whether it’s Edward’s love or Jacob’s he’s write about there being a darker side of love, as we’ve seen throughout the saga.

Which character do you think the song will be playing for in the movie? Edward or Jacob?

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