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Kristen Stewart's Stylist, Tara Swennen, Answers: How To Pull Off Converse Sneakers!

Mon, September 26, 2011 1:52pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 2 Comments

For our ‘Ask A Stylist’ series we got to catch up with the talented stylist behind K-Stew’s great get-ups! She told us how everyone call pull of a pair of Converse and how you can work the latest fall trends even if you have a more classic sense of style.

Considering Kristen Stewart has a knack for looking effortlessly cool whether she’s wearing a high-fashion mini or a vintage tee, we thought the woman behind her memorable get-ups would be the best person to consult for this week’s ‘Ask A Stylist’ post! We got to chat with Tara Swennen, who answered YOUR questions about how to rock Converse. She also told us how you can incorporate trendy fall items into your wardrobe if you have a more classic look.

Can someone who’s more preppy (and not punky) pull off a pair of Converse sneakers? If so, what should they wear them with?
“Converse is the universal “All American” sneaker — it’s great for anyone from teenage kids to soccer moms.
Try pairing a white low-top or slip-on with a capri skinny jean or a cuffed cropped chino — both looks paired with a classic tee, plaid shirt or classic white button down give you a casual and timeless look. You can also play up certain colors or accents in your outfit (scarves, bag, etc…) by matching them to the fun prints that Converse offer.”

I have a very classic look, and I like keeping my style simple and elegant but I want to try some of the new fall trends, like colored denim, flares, leather. How can I do so without changing my whole entire look?
“All of these pieces can be used in a simple and elegant style:
With colored denim: simply opt for less vibrant colors — there are beautiful neutral tones and olives that are little less crazy than neons and bright rainbow colors that will be easier to pair with your wardrobe staples.

For flares: the trick is simply to make sure the flare is the appropriate width for your frame and not too overwhelming. When skimming the floor and paired with a super high heel, this look can be one of the most elongating and flattering looks in a pant on anyone.

Leather: The key to leather is simply not going overboard with it and choosing cuts that fit your shape! Most people can wear a cropped leather jacket — opt for classic black, chocolate brown or a smooth tan. Keep fringe to a minimum and only on accessories if it could overpower you. If clothing is still too overwhelming — always remember accessories! Stick to a beautiful leather boot or a great leather tote for the perfect leather accent!”

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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