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'Gossip Girl' Spoilers: Find Out How Long Serena Will Stay In LA & Whether Blair's Dropping Out Of College!

Mon, September 26, 2011 5:55pm EDT by 5 Comments

What’s going on with Serena and Blair this season on ‘Gossip Girl’? Will they be friends or enemies? We have the scoop!

Tonight’s season premiere of Gossip Girl is almost upon us and we are so excited for you all to see the episode! The premiere, like all other season premieres so far on GG is set outside of NYC for part of it, with Serena, Chuck and Nate in LA. But will Serena stay there for her job? And what about Blair? Now that she’s in the process of marrying Prince Louis will she drop out of school to play princess? Spoilers ahead!

“Gossip Girl is not going to be bicoastal for long,” admitted executive producer Josh Safran at a recent Q&A session. “We return fully to New York very soon.”

It sounds like Serena might not be in Hollywood long term then! If she’s back in Manhattan, how will her friendship with Blair pan out, after being marked by strife last season? Will they be on positive terms as Blair plans her wedding? “They’re always going to be friends,” explained Josh. “They’re definitely friends.” That’s not to say there won’t be typical drama for S and B. “You never know what’s going to happen with them, but they are friends,” said a coy Josh.

Meanwhile, for those of you curious to know whether Blair is dropping out of Columbia to become a princess, rest assured her education is still important, albeit not in the forefront this season. “The people who are in college, are in college, but we are not spending time at the school,” revealed Josh. “Blair is going to class, but it’s really in the background. In our minds, they are still going to school [we’re just seeing them] after they’ve left class.”

Phew! At least she’s not letting her possible future crown get to her head! Are you guys excited to see Blair and Serena on good terms? What do you want to happen this season? Put your comments below!

Reporting by Lorena O’Neil

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