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'Gossip Girl' Spoilers: Is Chuck The Father Of Blair's Baby? New Hint!

Mon, September 26, 2011 10:39pm EDT by 195 Comments

Executive producer Josh Safran gives a hint about you-know-who’s reaction to her pregnancy and also reveals how she deals with her secret!

A game of who’s the daddy has commenced with Gossip Girl fans after we found out today about a certain someone’s pregnancy. We spoke to Josh Safran at a Q&A session recently and asked him about for clues on the baby daddy. 

What does this new maybe-Bass baby mean for Chuck and Blair?

Josh wouldn’t reveal whether Chuck or Louis are the father of Blair’s baby, promising everyone it would be revealed in the first half of the season, but he did give us a little hint. “Blair’s pregnancy will definitely impact Chuck in a big way,” teased Josh.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the dad because if Blair’s pregnant with Prince Louis’ baby it will still, obviously, affect Chuck because Blair is the love of his life. BUT it would impact him even more if he was the father, right?

And what about Miss Waldorf? Will she be letting Serena, or fellow pregnant Dorota, or anyone about her baby bump? Josh tells us, “Blair will try to hold on as best as she can alone and find that it’s not possible.”

Aww, we wonder how long until another UESider gets wind of what’s going on!?

Which character would you like Blair to share the news with? And do you think Chuck’s that father? Sound off in your comments below!

Reporting by Lorena O’Neil

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