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Shelley Hennig On 'Secret Circle' Love Triangle: Everyone's Going To Crack At Some Point!

Fri, September 23, 2011 9:30pm EDT by 1 Comment speaks to The Secret Circle’s Shelley Hennig about her character Diana’s love triangle with Cassie and Adam and she confesses something’s about to happen that will make it ‘a bigger deal than before’!

Shelley Hennig plays Diana on new CW show The Secret Circle and she’s having a blast with her character Diana’s part in the love triangle with Cassie and Adam. “It’s definitely one of my favorite things that I get to play right now,” she admits.Shelley says TSC fans have a lot to look forward to this season. “We have some really great scenes with Cassie and Diana, Diana and Adam, the three of us and the weirdness! What makes it difficult for Diana is Diana genuinely likes Cassie and is really protective of her,” she explains. “Diana’s not that girl that [says to Adam] ‘How could you look at her that way’?”

Although last night we saw Diana begin to address the chemistry between her boyfriend and new girl Cassie. “She’s clocking what she’s seeing between Adam and Cassie but Diana doesn’t know what it is and what it means. She’s waiting it out because what’s more important right now is to bind the circle and to bind the circle she has to win Cassie over. It’s not that hard for her to win Cassie over because she likes her. Diana can relate to Cassie. She makes her know ‘You’re not the only one … you have us, you have me.”

But she admits Cassie and Adam have something special going on. “They have a really good friendship, Team Adam and Cassie. It’ll change every episode but we’re sticking to the genuine friendship between Cassie and Diana [that was expressed in the book].”

Everyone’s playing nice but will that last? “Diana’s watching it and something else happens and it’s a bigger deal than before,” teases Shelley. “It’s definitely something to watch out for, to see how Diana handles it. She’s mature, but how long can Diana hold up? I think everyone’s going to crack at some point.”

The end of last night’s episode “Bound” showed the six witches getting together to bind the circle, so it will be interesting to see what happens with Cassie and Adam’s bond next week. And for those of you who noticed Shelley’s hair looked different yesterday from the pilot she explains, “They did dye my hair red, but that is no longer. They decided to stick with my natural brown which I’m happy about because I’m not good with maintenance.” She said producers didn’t address making her a blond like in the books, where she stands out as the light to Faye’s dark. “They style me and Phoebe differently. I think it’s more believable if it’s not trying so hard to [make us look] opposite.”

We’re glad Shelley’s a brunette, red is more of a Faye color anyway!

So has Diana done anything that surprised Shelley so far this season? “Maybe Diana’s a little kinky. I don’t know,” laughs Shelley. Uh-oh Cassie! Sounds like a gauntlet is being thrown!

Are you excited to see the love triangle heat up? What do you think is going to happen to make it a bigger deal than it is now? Predict below!

Reporting by Lorena O’Neil