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Bristol Palin's Homophobic Behavior Perpetuates An Illness Called Ignorance, Says Special Needs Educator!

Fri, September 23, 2011 10:00pm EDT by 42 Comments

Bristol Palin’s intolerance of homosexuals continues to cause outrage especially for one family who lost their 13-year-old son to suicide because anti-gay bullying in school!

Bristol Palin has no right to judge! She perpetuates an illness called ignorance when she chooses to judge people because of their sexuality,” Robin Rettie, who runs the Lighthouse Learning and Resource Center in Houston, tells in an exclusive interview.

Robin is good friends with Amy and David Truong, who lost their son 13-year-old son Asher Brown one year ago Sept. 23 because of anti-gay bullying in school.

“Today is the one-year anniversary of 13-year-old Asher Brown’s death by suicide. Asher was bullied at school because he was different, because of his sexual orientation,” Robin says.

“When Bristol Palin, who is a public figure, judges people because they are gay she is setting a terrible and damaging example. And what’s so surprising and hypocritical is that her younger brother Trigg is a special needs toddler. He may unfortunately one day be bullied just like Asher was because he is different. Bristol should be taking advantage of her position in life by trying to teach people the importance of acceptance and unconditional love. Instead she is doing the complete opposite. Tonight a mother and father are at a memorial here in Houston where they are grieving over the loss of their son Asher who took his own life because of people who were ignorant and judgmental. Bristol Palin should be ashamed of herself and her behavior. I certainly hope someone talks to her about the severity of this matter. I don’t even know if she thinks for herself or she is just following the belief system of her parents. It’s very sad and disturbing!”

She adds, “Bristol needs to understand the dire consequences of her actions. I hope she will watch the memorial video Asher’s parents made for their son and that Bristol will think twice before she chooses to judge someone because they are different!”

Do YOU think Bristol knew just how homophobic her fight at Saddle Ranch sounded?

Sandra Clark