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The Bar Fight That Led To Bristol Palin's Homophobic Remark, Appalled Other Patrons, Says Eyewitness

Fri, September 23, 2011 5:12pm EDT by 9 Comments
Bristol Palin Rant Homophobic

Bristol Palin’s nasty confrontation with a drunk heckler, who called her mother a “whore,” didn’t earn her any sympathy from bystandards who thought it was staged for her reality show.

We thought it seemed suspicious Bristol Palin was shooting her new reality series at the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood, Calif. Sept. 22, when she got into a verbal fight with an on-looker — who is a 47-year-old consultant named Stephen Hanks — and called him “a homosexual.” That footage seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? As it turns out, an eyewitness tells the fight was organic — no one staged a thing!

Here’s an eyewitness’s complete account of what went down:

“Bristol came to the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Blvd. in the early evening last night about 7 p.m. with her girlfriend and the crew from her new reality show. They were filming her eating with her girlfriend and talking about living in Los Angeles. A little later, they taped Bristol riding the mechanical bill and that’s when all the drama started.”

The source continues: “Obviously, the guy who shouted out to Bristol that her mom was evil was intoxicated. He’s actually a really nice guy. He’s a regular at Saddle Ranch and his name is Steve. He’s never caused any problems before. He was drinking tequila shots at the bar with his friend when he got into the fight with Bristol. People were shocked when he yelled out the comments about Sarah Palin but I think everyone would have just carried on if Bristol had not gone over and confronted him.”

Things took a turn for the worst when Bristol got in Steve the heckler’s face about his comments.

“I think most of the people sitting around the bar were appalled when Bristol asked Steve if he was a homosexual. It was just a strange question to ask and she came across as being really homophobic,” our insider explains. “I mean, of course, it wasn’t cool of Steve to say those things to Bristol about her mom but I am sure people say things to her about her mom all the time. She should have ignored Steve instead she made a fool herself and her camera crew was clearly embarrassed. They were trying to calm things down between Bristol and Steve. The management tried to calm things down too. Finally this guy from Bristol’s crew pulled her away and they all left.”

Another eyewitness tells exclusively, “At first a lot of us weren’t sure if this was staged for Bristol’s reality show. But then we all realized that it wasn’t an act at all. People were really disgusted that Bristol made a reference to Steve’s sexuality. Who cares if someone is gay? Hello, it us 2011! It makes you wonder who taught her to think the way she does. Imagine if she was living in the White House acting that way? I am not excusing Steve’s actions at all, but why argue with someone who had clearly been drinking lots of alcohol?”

The eyewitness says there might be more consequences to Bristol’s fight than expected because she might not have had a permit to be shooting her show at the restaurant!

“The managers at Saddle Ranch aren’t even sure that Bristol and her crew had permission to tape there last night,” the insider says. “There is still a lot of confusion. Before you tape a show in a public environment you have to get permission and have people taped sign waivers. No one signed any waivers last night because there were not any to sign!”

What do you think about Bristol’s fight? How would YOU have handled the situation? Sound off below.

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Reporting by Sandra Clark