Taylor Swift Is Enchanted To Introduce Her 'Wonderstruck' Fragrance — Watch!

Thu, September 22, 2011 9:15pm EDT by 3 Comments
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In this clip from the commercial for her first fragrance, Wonderstruck, Taylor Swift, rushes down the stairs in a modern day fairytale…would you expect anything less?

If this commercial touches audiences as much as it does us, every girl in the country will be storming stores to get their hands on Taylor Swift‘s fragrance, Wonderstruck. In this clip from the ad, which premieres Sept. 28 on FOX during The X Factor, the 21-year-old singer looks old-school glam in a gorgeous gown as she walks down a mansion staircase and looks deep into the eyes of her handsome prince. Meanwhile, her song “Enchanted” plays under this voiceover…

“It’s a spark. A connection. The rush of something new,” she says. “It can happen in a moment, an instant. It can happen when you look into someone’s eyes. And once you’ve been struck, you’ll never be the same again.”

Taylor’s fragrance, which is made through Elizabeth Arden, is available on Sephora.com now.