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Brad Pitt: Face It — You ARE Encumbered By Your Insults To Jennifer Aniston — You Don't 'Live Outside' That!

Thu, September 22, 2011 12:23pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 15 Comments

Brad Pitt — you tried once again to wiggle out of your nasty comments about your marriage to Jennifer Aniston, when you talked to Matt Lauer this morning, Sept. 22, on the Today Show. It didn’t work!

Brad — sorry, but you only made yourself look worse when you refused to allow respected journalist Matt Lauer re-read your comments on air. “No, please don’t read them,” you said waving your arms at Matt. “I don’t read these things by choice … I live outside of that!”

Well Brad, maybe you should re-read them. Then you’d realize just how hurtful they were. And that you DON’T “live outside of that!”

Brad. You don’t live outside the regular world’s boundaries of politeness, And it’s just plain not polite to publicly diss your ex-wife and your ex-marriage.

You told Matt that “I don’t want to say anything bad about Jen,” so why did you? Then you called Jen “a valuable person,” as if some people aren’t valuable.

Brad — you remind me of Kate Gosselin who insulted all regular parents on The Today Show when she talked to Matt Lauer on Sept. 12.

She insinuated that working a “regular” job versus a celebrity job, was “mediocre.” That being a celebrity somehow entitled you to live on a higher plane in some other, more important world.

Now Brad, you’re basically saying that because you’re an A-list star you shouldn’t be “encumbered” by your remarks and that you can “live outside” of the normal rules of polite behavior!

Well, you can’t Brad! And the more you try not to — the worst you sound!

— Bonnie Fuller

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