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Brad Pitt: How He Can Recover From His Jennifer Aniston Diss — Experts Speak Out!

Thu, September 22, 2011 6:45pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 3 Comments

What can Brad Pitt do now to spare and repair his image, after his multiple Jennifer Aniston gaffes? Read on as top Hollywood image experts weigh in!

“He has to stop talking now,” insists Howard Bragman, longtime Hollywood publicist, Founder and CEO of Fifteen Minutes. “Brad opened a Pandora’s box when he spoke out about Jen in Parade magazine, and in this world we live in, it’s hell to put the demons back in the box. He has to stop engaging in this discussion — enough is enough.”

Let’s hope Brad’s listening because even this morning, Sept. 22, on The Today Show, Brad was still talking about how he didn’t want to “be encumbered” by his remarks about Jen, and it made him sound mighty arrogant.

“Brad should never have talked about his ex in an interview especially when she’s one of the most famous and well-lived women in the world,” adds Bragman, who currently counts Camille Grammar and Chaz Bono as his clients.

Furthermore, Bragman says it’s imperative that Brad actually gets a publicist. “He spent too much time doing long interviews to promote Moneyball and in a long interview, you’re bound to say something he shouldn’t.”

From now on, Bragman insists that if Brad is asked about Jen he should just say: “We had a wonderful relationship, she’s a great person, I wish her the best and now I’d love to talk about my film.”

Now, interestingly enough, Hollywood image consultant Michael Sands believes Brad Pitt talked about Jennifer Aniston on purpose in his Parade interview.

“He’s a showman and he’s trying to get people to go see Moneyball,” he says. “He brings Jen into the picture like he’s pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Every time he has a movie coming out, he gets on the bandwagon about Jen.”

Now however, Michael Sands, a media image consultant, says Brad needs to drop out of sight and STOP giving interviews.

“He’s verging on seeming like Tom Cruise when he jumped on Oprah’s couch. He needs to stop talking and apologizing because he’s becoming a joke,” warns Sands.

Got that Brad?

There is some very good news for Brad Pitt though — we did a poll of women in Times Square NYC today, and not one of them said they WOULDN’T go to Moneyball because of your Jen-bashing. In fact, most wanted to see your movie.

So Michael Sands — you just might be right that Brad spoke out on purpose for attention … and it’s working!

— Bonnie Fuller

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