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Angelina Jolie Pushed Brad Pitt To Attack Jennifer Aniston!

Wed, September 21, 2011 10:53am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 34 Comments

Brad refers to Jen as a “friend” — so what gives? Apparently it’s his partner, Angie, who fueled the fire resulting in the hurtful attack!

Brad Pitt goes out of his way to refer to Jennifer Aniston as a close “friend” — but then why would he publicly humiliate her once again in his Parade article? According to a close friend, Angelina is the one determined to drag Jen down — Brad was just doing her dirty work!

“It’s as if Angelina specifically told Brad to say those things in the interview,” a friend told In Touch. “It’s her exact opinion of Jen. She thinks she’s a boring person.” Another insider added, “Angelina has a knack for getting Brad to say unpleasant things about Jen.”

According to sources, Angie’s too “calculating” to go after Jen on her own — instead, “she gets Brad to do her dirty work.” To quote Jen’s famous word to Vogue, very uncool!

Even though Angie stole Brad out of his marriage, she is still so hung up on Jen and tries to keep competition alive between the two. The source goes on to say that Angie often reminds Brad about their charity work, and how it makes them look more solid than Jen. According to Angie, “Jen is dull and lives a limited life.”

Angelina can’t stand to think that Brad once loved Jen. “Angelina wants Jen to know that Brad chose her, and he chose to have a family with her.” So, is it a coincidence that Brad, rather than discuss his latest role in Moneyball, gushed over being a “satisfied man”? I think not!

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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