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How Your Yogurt Fix Could Be Giving Your Unborn Baby Asthma!

Tue, September 20, 2011 12:26pm EDT by 3 Comments


Moms-to-be who eat low-fat yogurt are 60 percent more likely to have children with asthma than those who don’t — according to a bizarre new study!

Scientists at Harvard School of Public Health think the fat in yogurt helps protect babies from allergies — and women who try to be too healthy are exposing their unborn children to future illness!

More than 60,000 women were studied by the research team, from pregnancy to when their children were seven years old.

The results showed milk helps to war off asthma – but low fat dairy products do the opposite!

The scientists admit they don’t know exactly what links yogurt to asthma — but they suspect fatty dairy products help to program the immune systems of unborn babies.

Earlier research out of the same school showed eating low-fat dairy products can increase the risk of infertility!

So it’s pretty clear — dairy fat is a GOOD thing when you’re pregnant!

What do you think about this, HollyMoms? Do you believe it and will it make you change your yogurt habits?


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