Emily Deschanel Has Been Following A Strict Vegan Diet Throughout Her ENTIRE Pregnancy!

Fri, September 16, 2011 7:00pm EST by 4 Comments

The ‘Bones’ star is Fit Pregnancy’s new cover girl and opens up about her vegan lifestyle and her plans to co-sleep and breastfeed when her first baby arrives!

Wow, doesn’t Emily Deschanel look gorgeous on the cover of Fit Pregnancy? The mom-to-be, 34, who admits she “loves being pregnant,” gives us a glimpse into the life of a vegan pregnancy and admits that she’s a “total hippie,” who plans on keeping up with her strict routine long after she gives birth. So will Emily’s little boy or girl be a vegan too?

“I don’t think it’s any more challenging for me than for anyone else,” the Bones star says of her unique pregnancy diet. “The real challenge for a vegan is getting vitamin B12 and omega-3s, but you can get those in a vegetarian supplement. The funny thing is, I love kale and always used to put it in my breakfast shakes, but for some reason I can’t stand it right now.”

What she does crave is lemonade! “I want it all the time,” she confesses. “But I also crave chocolate all the time, and I try to ignore that.”

And when it comes to breastfeeding her baby-to-be, Emily, who’s married to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star David Hornsby, says she will “absolutely” do it for a year, or maybe longer.

“I’m a total hippie, so we will co-sleep and breastfeed,” she says adamantly. “It’s cheap and much better for the environment, and you don’t have to lug all that stuff around. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but I’m determined, even if it’s hard at first.”

What do you think of Emily’s vegan pregnancy? Would you or have you done it? Share your thoughts!

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 10:52 AM on February 27, 2014  

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Posted at 5:11 AM on September 18, 2011  

@Courtney Maybe I was not completely clear, English is not my first language.

Yes, I know about cravings. I was just quite puzzled by the fact of linking this article about Emily Deschanel keeping her vegan diet during pregnancy with a previous article about Portman who did not, while the text for that link was to give “a glimpse into the life of a vegan pregnancy”. When I clicked on it, I thought I would read about eating vegan during pregnancy, not an article about Portman not staying vegan.

And while knowing about cravings, I don’t like the way Portman first said she went back to eating vegetarian because she wanted to eat cakes, making it sound like there is no vegan cakes, and then tried to make it all scientific and healthy by saying eggs and dairy are important, and talking about iron and B12, and that she needed to listen to her body.

But then, when asked if she had not first been grossed out by eggs, she went fast talking about not being able to eat cakes from regular bakeries. So yes there are cravings. But when she mixes health facts with her just wanting what’s in regular bakeries, well…
It’s more likely she did not eat that much correctly before (nutrient wise, I don’t care what she was actually eating), and did not check how to have a healthy vegan pregnancy -she said herself she went back to vegetarian when she became pregnant, so it was not really just about cravings-.

And I particularly dislike the fact that she was all “i’m a vegan activist” when she went vegan and then having this kind of speech.
It would have sounded more sincere to say for example she had not been vegan for very long and therefore was still attracted, while vegan, by the cakes she used to eat before but had then willingly stopped eating then even if it was hard, but that she craved those cakes too much now. I would have understood that.

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Posted at 7:46 AM on September 17, 2011  

@Sarah a woman can’t help what her body craves during pregnncy most cravings are triggered by imbalances of nutrients or minerals like Iron or Salt. nor can a woman help the weight she gains particularly if there’s complications with the pregnancy and in a first you tend to gain more weight than your supposed to anyway. Emily though is smarter than Natalie and so what ifshe decides to raise her child a Vegan all 8 of Paul McCartney’s grandchildren are Vegaterians granted one of them is a two week old and the oldest is nearly a teenager

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Posted at 6:21 AM on September 17, 2011  

How can you link this article to the other one to give “a glimpse into the life of a vegan pregnancy” when that second one is about N. Portman who said she stopped being a vegan to be able to eat cakes “from regular bakeries”, but who tried then to make it sound like she went back vegetarian because it would be healthier to have eggs in her diet. So for health or rather for the cakes she used to eat a few months before? If it was about health, then maybe she should avoid eating so many of these “regular cakes”! She might have eaten vegan for a few months, yes, but she is in no way a vegan.

On the other hand, Emily Deschanel is really a vegan. She did not become a vegan for fame, or because it was something “in” in Hollywood Land, but because it was something she believed was right. And that was nearly 20 years ago.
And she made sure to get specific professional advice to ensure she would get all the nutrients necessary, for her and for her baby-to-be, during her pregnancy. And I’m sure, as she/he grows up.

So I think she is doing a much healthier choice than all these women eating junk food all year long and who don’t change a thing during their pregnancies, and /or smoking cigarettes, drinking. Or those feeding their young children with French fries and hamburgers and milk shakes and chips and cakes and so on on a regular basis, and who are already overweight by the age of 5.

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