'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is IN NYC For Fashion Week! She's Following Her Dreams!

Thu, September 15, 2011 1:29pm EST by 6 Comments

Farrah jetted off to NYC from Miami on Sep. 10 to make sure she got a first-hand look at all the Spring/Summer 2012 trends! Maybe she’s getting ideas for her future collection?

After the news broke that Farrah Abraham moved to Florida WITHOUT baby Sophia, you think she’d be rushing home to Iowa to spend time with her daughter. But, no. The Teen Mom decided it would be beneficial to head to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week and take in some of her favorite designers new Spring and Summer 2012 collections! Should she have gone home?

“In Nyc. :-) ex[c]ited for NYC fashion week. & *-+ 9/11+-* R.I.P . The U.S stands strong. Xo” Farrah tweeted on Sep. 10. Then on Sep. 14 she added, “Fashion week & Finals Week…….Fun can wait for it to be done.”

Farrah, 20, who pursues modeling on the side, is presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management at a top rated trade university.

But what bothers us is not the fact that she’s at fashion week — it’s the fact that she’s taking a break from school to be there when she could be home in Iowa visiting Sophia! Where is Sophia anyway?

“Honestly, I wanted Sophia to move with me from the very beginning,” Farrah recently told MomFinds. “When my mom came up with the idea of Sophia staying with her, it created drama as if  I’d be doing the right thing by taking her or leaving her with my mom. People can judge either way.”

Do you think it’s OK that she’s in NYC or should Farrah be visiting Sophia?

–Leigh Blickley

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Posted at 2:38 PM on September 16, 2011  

Y’all have clearly been misinformed. Farrah left lil Sophia with her mom for only a few weeks, to get her living space in Florida settled. Soph is living WITH her in Florida now… shouldn’t believe everything you read. What garbage.

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Posted at 7:52 PM on September 18, 2011  

That sounds more like what I would expect Farrah to do. I think she is a really good mom and she is going to do what is best for Sophia. Leaving her with her mom and dad while she takes a few weeks to get moved in and settled is a smart idea. I’m sure Sophia is with her now. I don’t think she could stand not being with her baby every day.

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Posted at 3:38 PM on September 15, 2011  

Ok first off you cant get a bachlors in Culinary Management. I think Farrah is the most selfish person in the whole world. She thinks she could be a model I admit she has a nice body but the face and attitude are horrible. When I watched her on tv I felt like throwing up her face is so ugly and how she treats her parents is horrible. I hope Sophia doesnt turn into Farrah. Did it bother anyone else that the only time she brought her daughter to see where Derek is when the cameras were available. I thought it was so disrespectful that she even did it. I guess all she cares about is Fame not being a mother.

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Posted at 12:35 AM on September 16, 2011  

Kate you do not know what your talking about. Yes many institutions offer a Bachelors in culinary management…maybe not under the rock you live under. And for pickers baby …she does more than just culinary work….she has modeled and does model….she is a business woman. Yes I know her well. Look at my name …do you get it. You all can have your opinions but have them on facts not “what you assume in your minds” I will spell it out for you……..Michael get it.

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Posted at 1:23 AM on September 16, 2011  

Take it down a notch chief. LMAO! This is so funny to me. You know, if you read what I had written again, you would see that I had been defending her for her choices. While I said that I think it was a wise decision to leave her child with her family, I dont see the point of going to NYC for a fashion show. And let me tell you that A) Im from NYC and she doesnt stand a chance there, B) I dont need implants and braces to be beautiful (to be beautiful you have to be beautiful inside and out, which she is totally lacking), and C)I have priorities and they include my daughter and son along with my hubby. At least, I didnt have to leave them behind. Now, if you dont mind, go troll somewhere else. These are opinions, they are not supposed to be facts. And BTW, no where in this article does it say she was modeling. And who the hell is assuming? Its written right here in an article, using her quotes. Let me spell it for you, okay? Puckersbabe… get it? Got it? Good! You need to read before YOU speak. Now, sit down before you hurt yourself. =D

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Posted at 1:54 PM on September 15, 2011  

At this point, I am so over her BS. I mean, fine she left Sophia with her parents, and I thought that was responsible for her. It shows that she doesnt want Sophia to be around constant strangers out in FL. Thats fine, and at least her family will love and care for Sophia, so Sophia isnt always alone and abandoned, but this? This is totally ridiculous! Please tell me what fashion has to do with culinary arts? Is she planning on wearing Prada while cooking in a kitchen? I don’t think so! And if you are going to take a break, why couldnt she just go back home to spend time with her daughter. I find Farrah to be quite selfish at times. She’s got her priorities all mixed up. Thank goodness her parents are around for Sophia.

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