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'The Secret Circle' Premiere: Cassie Discovers Her Powers — But When Will She Hook Up With Adam?

Thu, September 15, 2011 10:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

Tonight’s season premiere of ‘The Secret Circle’ was great! But I already want more! Plus, did you like the changes they made from the book?

The Secret Circle books have always been a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine and I was delighted to hear the CW was turning it into a series. Tonight the show finally premiered and I’m so excited for the season to continue! We watched as Cassie was faced with the shocking — but totally awesome — realization she was not only surrounded by witches but also a witch herself. [Spoilers ahead to those who haven’t seen it yet!]

Admittedly there were a few things that bothered me that they changed from the book to the show, like Cassie and Adam’s first meeting. The way they met over the summer was so sweet and special and I always liked how that played out, so I was disappointed when the pilot didn’t mimic that storyline. I also was very confused by the character of Melissa — is she really necessary? She kind of reminds me of Mean Girls‘ Gretchen Weiners but a lot meeker.

Although I am often a stickler for book-movie or book-TV conversions, I do like what they did with Cassie’s mom. It instantly adds tragedy and mystery to the show, and I wonder if when Cassie’s lap experiment explodes into fire in an upcoming episode, she will put two and two together that her mom’s death was not an accident.

I’m still trying to get over non-blond Diana, and I don’t know how much I believe her chemistry with Adam. I do like how sweet she is to Cassie right away, although she really needs to get more of a backbone against Faye. Speaking of Faye, I enjoyed the car-on-fire scene! All of the magic scenes were interesting, particularly the water in the woods with Adam and Cassie. Speaking of Adam and Cassie and the silver chord …. how long do you think it’ll be before they hook up? I feel bad for Diana but come on it is totally written.

What did you think of the premiere? Was it everything you expected? More? Less? Sound off below!

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