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Michaele Salahi Is Shopping Right Now With Her Journey Lover In Atlanta! Exclusive Details!

Thu, September 15, 2011 6:39pm EDT by 2 Comments
Michaele Salahi Missing

While Michaele Salahi is shopping in Atlanta, Ga. with her lover, Journey’s guitarist, her mom is at home, distraught her daughter has run away from her husband. We have all the exclusive details!

At first Michaele Salahi‘s husband, Tareq, was distraught because he thought his wife had been kidnapped. However, it turned out she’d only run away with her secret lover of two years, Journey’s lead guitarist Neal Schon, who she’s now spending time with in Atlanta, Ga. before his concert tomorrow.

An insider close to the situation tells exclusively, “Right now Neal and Michaele are in Atlanta. They are shopping at an upscale designer boutique shop called Jeffrey Atlanta inside the Phipps Plaza, which is a high-end shopping mall.

When we called the store, a woman confirmed, “There is a blonde lady here from The Real Housewives of D.C.

“Jeffrey Atlanta sells shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry,” the insider told us.

Could the rocker be buying Michaela some jewelry?! Journey is performing in Atlanta tomorrow night.

We also spoke exclusively to the former Real Housewives of Washington D.C. star’s mother, Rosemary Holt, who is not thrilled about her daughter taking off with a rock star.

“I am just resting right now. I did not sleep well last night. I am completely shocked that Missy would do this. It makes me sad,” Rosemary told us. “She never even skipped a day of school, this is so out of character for her! I’m pleased that she is alright and was not kidnapped. I have not spoken to Missy and I left a message for Tareq this morning. This is no publicity stunt, believe me. This was not planned! Tariq was very worried that she had been kidnapped.”

When asked if she was aware of any problems in Michaele’s marriage to Tareq, Rosemary — who has four children, of which Missy is the youngest — said, “No, just the usual ups and downs couples go through.”

She explained, “Missy has always been a young lady of quality. I am hoping that Tareq and Missy can talk about what’s going on. Missy is one of the most sweetest, loving people you will ever meet. Being on that Bravo show was difficult for her because the other women were so mean to her. She didn’t hate them the way they hated her. Missy doesn’t know how to hate!”

“She’s always concerned with other people. One day when we were together, she complimented this women who was wearing an old raggedy sweater with a big heart on it. I asked Missy, ‘Why did you say that to that woman?’ And Missy replied, ‘Oh, mom didn’t she seem so sad to you? I wanted to make her feel good.'”

Do YOU think Michaele should go back to her husband, or should she get a divorce?

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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