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If A Guy Pulls Out Every Stop In The Book To Win You Back Like Joe Jonas Is Doing To Taylor Swift, Should You Ever Take Him Back If He Hurt You?

Wed, September 14, 2011 12:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

Joe Jonas is doing everything he can to make Taylor Swift his again — but should she take him back?

Joe Jonas regrets making the great mistake of not only dumping Taylor Swift, but tearing her heart into teeny tiny shreds. But he doesn’t just feel remorse for his actions — he reportedly wants her back, and is doing everything in his power to make it happen. Should she forgive, forget and take him back?

Joe, 22, feels like a fool for dumping the country cutie so harshly. “He wants her back,” a source told Us Weekly. “He’s older and wiser and has grown up a lot since they first dated. He wants to show her he’s a changed man and would love to see what’s possible between them.”

He’s showing her, all right! When he released his “Just In Love” video Sept. 12, the actress playing his on-screen lover was a dead ringer for his ex! Additionally, he attended her LA concert at the Staples Center in August in a bid to show his support. A few days later he even traveled to see her perform in San Jose, California. Now that’s a man on a mission!

Although Taylor is currently being pursued by yet another ex, Taylor Lautner, she allegedly has a soft spot for her first love. And insider close to the singer says, “She was heartbroken when he left, but he was her first big love; she’s always held a spot for him in her heart.”

Do actions speak louder than words? Should Taylor give her ex another shot, and should you if you find yourself in a similar position?

People do change to a degree, and Joe was young when he decided to dump the country starlet. Still, when someone hurts you as badly as Joe did Taylor, it’s hard to completely accept that person into your life, and foolish to do so as well.

With age comes wisdom, and Taylor may just have enough common sense to realize that Joe hurt her badly enough that she’d never accept him back. It’s one thing to be friendly and casual with an ex, and another to let him back into your heart.

Who’s to say he won’t hurt her again? He didn’t seem to have any problem breaking the heart of Demi Lovato, an admittedly good friend of his, and parading his then new-girlfriend Ashley Greene around on tour.

If you’re thinking about taking an ex back, please be careful, and please heed this expression: ‘Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.”

It doesn’t matter how many grand gestures an ex makes, it’s the little things he does that count the most. If you can’t completely trust him, don’t take him back.


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