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Casey Anthony's Parents Are Split On Her Guilt — George Blames Her For Caylee's Death But Cindy Insists It Was An Accident!

Wed, September 14, 2011 5:59pm EDT by 2 Comments

In the Anthonys first interview since Casey was freed, George sensationally admits to Dr. Phil he believes Casey drugged her daughter so she could go out and party — and that the toddler never woke up!

A tearful George Anthony believes Casey Anthony may have been helped by an accomplice, but that his daughter was ultimately “responsible” for Caylee‘s death and the disposal of her body. His wife Cindy disagrees with her husband. She believes Caylee drowned in a tragic accident! Which of them is telling the truth?“I blame my daughter for Caylee not being here today,” George tells Dr Phil, in the show, which aired on Sept. 14.

“Do I believe that Casey is involved? Yeah. Is there someone else that could have helped her? Yeah. Did Casey cover something up? Yes. You can see that from the lies (she told). She’s responsible,” he adds.

George goes on to tell Dr. Phil WHAT he thinks really happened to his daughter.

“Inside of my heart. I don’t believe that Caylee drowned. Something else happened to her. I believe that Casey, or someone else she was with, gave too much to Caylee, she fell asleep and didn’t wake up. Some kind of drug,” he explains.

“There’s been speculation about Xanax. Or the chloroform thing,” George adds. “There were traces of chloroform found (in Casey’s car) so it’s possible. The evidence points to that.”

When asked WHY Casey would have drugged her daughter, George replies, “So she could go out and have a good time, be with friends and have the life she couldn’t have with Caylee. Some freedom.”

Cindy disagrees, telling Dr. Phil she believes the story presented by Casey’s defense team — that Caylee drowned accidentally.

Explaining how her daughter had a history of seizures, Cindy suggests Casey may have been suffering one when Caylee fell in the family swimming pool. She also speculated that Casey may have been suffering from a mental condition, telling Dr. Phil her daughter was a different person after she became pregnant.

“I wonder If she suffered postpartum schizophrenia,” Cindy says. “I think there is something seriously wrong with my daughter. I don’t know if something happened during the pregnancy. But Casey was not that person prior to that.”

One thing the couple agreed on, was that Casey almost certainly dumped her own daughters body in the woodland near the family home — and neither can understand why.

George broke down in tears, telling Dr. Phil, “I try to deal with that every day. How could a beautiful child be placed where she was at. How could she do that?”

“How could she do that to her own daughter. I believe she was there and I believe she probably had some help.”

Cindy adds, “I believe Casey had knowledge or something to do with putting Caylee there.”

Bizarrely, Cindy then appeared to justify her daughter’s actions, explaining, “I feel that as soon as someone dies, they’re gone. Our bodies are just a vehicle. There’s no excuse for where Caylee was found.”But, to me,  that was not Caylee.”

“What were we going to do anyway?” Cindy says. “We would have cremated her. But we cremated her seven months later.”

She then explains how Casey’s not guilty verdict was justice for Caylee, adding, “I believe that justice for Caylee was when Casey walked.”

“Her soul would never have rested if her mom would have been vilified for what happened. I believe it was an accident.”

Wow. Did you watch the Anthonys on Dr. Phil, HollyMoms? What did you think of their account?

And WHO do you think is right?

— Ian Garland

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