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New Mommy Victoria Beckham Endorses The 'Snotsucker' — Is This The Weirdest Baby Accessory EVER?

Tue, September 13, 2011 12:56pm EDT by 2 Comments

The fashionista has tweeted a photo of the gadget, which is designed to literally suck the snot out of your baby’s bunged up nose!

It sounds a little disgusting, cruel even, but moms everywhere, including Victoria Beckham, swear by the Nosefrida nasal aspirator — nicknamed the Snotsucker. Would you use it?

The Snotsucker is a brand new import in the U.S., brought to American shores by mom Kaisa Levine, who discovered the gadget while on vacation in Sweden with her six-week-old baby son.

Kaisa reveals on her website, “My son caught a horrible cold and could not nurse, breathe or sleep. The bulb syringe was no help. We were in a panic and took him to the doctor. The local pediatrician wondered why I hadn’t been using a Nosefrida? Everyone there has one, but I was not aware of the product at the time. My husband literally ran to the pharmacy to buy one, and our trip was saved.”

The Snotsucker isn’t quite as gross as it sounds — it includes a filter, that stops the mucus from transferring to the mommy’s (or daddy’s) mouth.

We still can’t imagine Victoria using it on two month old Harper Seven! Can you?

Weigh in, HollyMoms? Have you used a nasal aspirator to relieve your babies bunged up nose? Or does it seem too weird?

— Ian Garland

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